While LA is still the best place to go to launch your career in Hollywood, there are opportunities that come up for production work in Boston. Whether you’re a continuing student or you just graduated and are still living locally, this post is for you! Most of these resources will also be helpful for a job search in LA or elsewhere.

Key Resources

MA Film Office

Massachusetts Production Coalition

  • Member benefits include access to MPC quarterly meetings, listing in member directory, discount on other programs
  • Great for networking and information

Variety Insight

  • Login with Emerson credentials while on Emerson’s network
  • Search current and upcoming projects by location and date using the “Advanced Search” at the top right corner of the “Quick Search” box on the top of the screen

Additional Resources

Staff Me Up

Production Beast

  • Websites posting PA jobs and other industry “gigs”


  • 30 day free trial; great for research on projects and production companies


  • Blog written by an anonymous PA with great tips and information

How to find freelance production work – Three Methods

  1. Finding projects and contacting them about positions before they start searching for candidates
    • Using a resource like Variety Insight is very helpful for this. In most cases, the on-location Production Office (PO) is responsible for staffing the project (though, not always). If you’re able to find the contact information for the PO, you want to get your resume and cover letter (likely via email) to the person in charge of hiring.
    • You may need to try calling the PO more than once to get this information, as often you may only be given a phone number. Be polite and persistent, but not annoying.
    • If you do get someone on the phone, you can ask if they’re hiring any day players. Or, you could note in your cover letter that you’re available to fill in as a day player. This can be particularly helpful if you don’t have previous professional experience as a PA.

2. Networking and word of mouth

  • Tap into Emerson’s alumni network, talk to your friends and classmates who have done freelance work in the past, ask faculty if they have advice or contacts.
  • A great method for having these conversations is by requesting an informational interview. Hint: you’re asking for advice and information, but never directly for a job!
  1. Checking listings of projects that are being staffed and contacting them
    • This may be the least effective of the three methods, but still worth it, especially in conjunction with the two methods listed above.
    • Resources like the MA Film office list projects that are currently in production here.
    • You can reach out with your production resume and a cover letter to inquire about PA jobs to the email address listed. As mentioned above, it can help to note that you’re available to fill in as a day player.

Don’t forget: Career Services is open for appointments! Click here to schedule an appointment to have your resume and cover letter reviewed before applying to jobs!

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