Still seeking credit after the for-credit internship deadline? You’re in luck — the Career Development Center has a much later deadline for those seeking to do a professional development experience (also known as a PDE) for this Spring.

But what exactly is a PDE? You may have heard the option if you’ve already contacted us about Spring Internships after the deadline but let’s take a quick second to cover 5 super important facts about these unique alternatives to our traditional internship offerings.

1. Think of Them as “Intro-Internships”

PDE’s are a unique way of getting to know a certain career path before entering a full-fledged internship. They’re a great way to really nail down your exact interests while making connections with industry professionals.

2. You Can Earn Credit for Doing Them

While PDE’s are different from internships, they can still score you some sweet extra credit. Completing a PDE will score you 1 credit within the 12 credits you’re allowed for internships!

3. PDE’S Save You Time

Unlike a regular internship, a PDE requires you to finish only 50 hours between 2-12 weeks to count for credit. This is super helpful for those who are balancing a heavy class load or for those looking for an experience a little less taxing than the regular internship path.

4. They’re Perfect for Sophomores

PDE’s are open to students who have completed two semesters or more (with at least one of them being at Emerson). They’re a perfect opportunity for Sophomores looking to add experience to their resume or learn more about a specific company and industry for their Junior year internship.

5. The Deadline is Coming Up

The deadline for starting a Spring PDE is April 10th! If you’re interested in the program, please learn more about the specifics or contact our office for more information!

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