I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If you’re a current Emerson College student, you currently have access to one of the most powerful career-searching tools on the market. Seriously — we’re talking about a tool that connects you with hundreds of Emerson-approved jobs and internships as well as many other career development tools.

And the best part about it? You can log in right now.

Whether you’re a long-time user or a first-timer, the easiest way to get to Handshake is by visiting emerson.edu/handshake/ and clicking the Current Student Login button when prompted to log in. (Please note that this option does not work for alumni accounts.)

The first screen you’ll see is your Dashboard, a streamlined collection of jobs and internships gathered by the industries you’re interested in, the opportunities you’re qualified for, and the networks you’re a becoming a part of. This is the benefit of working with Handshake throughout your time at Emerson: It will constantly learn how to match you with the opportunities most relevant to your career goals, whether you’re headed to ELA or planning a move to NYC.

Some first steps you can take on Handshake:

Log into your account and update your profile: Handshake lets employers make the most of working with Emerson College between the ability to post opportunities and the ability to view student profiles. You’ll want to make sure your account is up to date and as presentable as possible moving forward to stand out to your next potential employer.

Update your Career Interests: This is the feature which really lets you customize your experience. By letting you select which career goals and interests you’re pursuing, the system curates opportunities on your Dashboard. In other words, Handshake is always trying to show you the most relevant information. VMA Students may have a tough time selecting their specific interests at this point. We’ve reached out to Handshake to develop Interests based off of your concentration – we’ll keep you posted!

Register for the Spring Internship Fair: We’ve already entered the Career Fair into our system and, while our complete list of employers isn’t active yet, you’re free to register for the event in advance.

Schedule an Appointment: Meet your personal Career Counselor and get started in planning out some future career goals and action steps to work toward. This is your chance to touch base with us on anything from a resume to a mock interview to your upcoming transition from student to young professional. We offer a variety of appointment types for you to check out!

Message Anders Croft: That’s me! Message me once you’ve had a bit of time to explore Handshake with a quick “Hello!” or whatever message you’d like to send my way. I’m available for answering questions and pointing you to resources which might help your career path as well as keeping you in the loop on our updates.

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