Hello Seniors and Recent Grads! I’m Blaine Butler, the Associate Director of Employer Engagement here in the Career Development Center. My focus is on identifying employment opportunities for our graduates—and I’d like to share how our team can help you in your job search.

Jobs for Emerson College Alumni

This is a Facebook group managed by our office where we post job opportunities from companies where there is some type of Emerson connection: from alumni, faculty, or one that Career Services is working closely with to encourage applicants from our school. When you apply to these positions, mention you saw it through Emerson Career Services! I also welcome you to send me an email so I can follow-up with our contact to make sure your application is reviewed. Most positions will be located in Boston, New York City or Los Angeles.

Resume Books & Referrals

We have established relationships with many talent agencies, large media companies, and other highly sought-after organizations. These companies will occasionally ask us to refer candidates for certain positions (mailroom trainees, page programs, and other competitive entry-level roles for all types of majors) or to coordinate applicants from Emerson. To be considered, we highly recommend that you make an appointment with one of our career counselors so we can familiarize ourselves with your background & skill set, and ensure your resume is in tip-top shape. We will then add you to our email distribution list and notify you when these opportunities become available.

*Please note that if we refer you to a position, or if you apply to a posting from the Facebook group there is no guarantee that you’ll be interviewed. That is up to the discretion of the company and your overall fit for the role. We can, however, prep you for the position and offer insights into what will make you stand out!

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