On Tuesday, February 26th, Melissa Daley, ’02, talked with the Emerson College Career Development Center to share her “MEDTalk” about her work as a marketer and educator. In it she shared her own path to effectively marketing her work after graduate school and how students can get themselves ready for careers in marketing. Below are some great takeaways for graduate students.

1. On Academic Training

Your advanced degree from Emerson reflects your ability to do and complete rigorous work. Many graduate programs are condensed and you’re focused on projects and internships while also juggling other responsibilities.

2. Your Transferable Skills

On using visual media skills for marketing: “I studied filmmaking and it’s project management at its core. This can be applied to work, particularly in marketing. Be fluent in what other people do so that you can delegate effectively.” This is also the case for graduate students in marketing who will be working with filmmakers and need to understand the movie-making process.

3. The Work Ethic You Bring Matters

Remember the Four Agreements: Accountability, respecting your colleagues, not making assumptions, and doing your best.

Book Recommendation: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

4. Your Online Presence

Think about what to say and how to say it. It’s ok to have a boundary between your personal life and views and who you are in the workplace. You’ll be working with people of different generations, some of whom (Gen X and Baby Boomers) who will be more interested in your professional interests than your personal social media.

5. Get Out There

Your work, that is. Let it speak for you. Have a digital portfolio and use sites where you can showcase your work for networking and interviews.

6. Go Big or Go Home

Every experience has something to teach you but always be bold with your strengths and talents and be respectful to the folks you work with.


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