Finding an affordable housing option that’s as convenient as it is accessible seems to be a huge challenge for those looking to work in other states or cities. Whether you’re East or West coast based, there are a number of housing options to consider anywhere you decide to intern. To help with your search, I wanted to call out a couple of resources and opportunities to consider when deciding whether to move out for your next internship:

First, I want to give you a huge spoiler alert. The majority of the information in this article is lifted from our Summer Internship Housing resource guide. Head there directly if you’re not interested in reading on.

Emerson’s Summer Internship Housing

Rising Juniors and Seniors are eligible for Summer Housing at Emerson College in Summer 2019. A little background on the program:

The Summer Internship Housing program is launching in Summer 2019 to grant a number of students housing throughout their internships. This is a brand new program that we anticipate will be highly competitive and desired by a number of students planning to work throughout May, June, and July.

This is a free housing option contingent on you finding an internship. Students may apply here. Please note that the deadline to apply is next week, April 12th.

Local Colleges & Universities

Believe it or not, a majority of local colleges and universities offer summer housing options for students completing internships in the area. There are some cases in which this is limited to students currently attending the institution but we’ve found many where Emerson students are also eligible. Check out some of the programs below for examples:

Subletting from Alumni or Students

You may have already thought of this but, if not, there are a number of vacancies that open up around the Summer as students return home or alumni spend their Summers elsewhere. The period between that individual leaving and the end of their official apartment lease usually leaves some room for short-term renters (also known as subletters).

Subletting allows you to take on another person’s lease near the end of their rental term and, in many cases, can enable you to find affordable and temporary rental solutions. I highly recommend checking out The Emerson Mafia for resources or many of the other Emerson-focused housing groups on Facebook. (There are also some great groups for subletters in general — just search your desired city plus ‘subletter’).

AirBnB & the Other Guys

First, I would not recommend any of the following resources as the first destination for subletters or short-term renters. These sites can accommodate your search but remember: You’ll want to exercise a healthy air of caution when deciding on a place to stay.

Craigslist, AirBnB, and other public marketplaces can lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding, or, in the worst case, misrepresentation. Do not provide a landlord any form of compensation until you’ve seen their rental and had the chance to make sure it’s somewhere you want to stay.

That being said, additional sites to consider using would be…

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