CNBC is offering another chance to join their invitation-only workshops being held in August and September. While two of these workshops are focused more on those with experience in the industry, one of them is open to Class of 2019 grads (which offers a great starting place for aspiring Business News associates). The workshops they’re offering this year are:

All of these workshops require you to submit an application. As I mentioned, this is to determine which students will receive official invitations to the workshops being held later on.

A quick note to those interested in attending any of these: You will be responsible for airfare, travel, and accommodations. Each workshop will be featured as part of a larger national conference as well (meaning you’ll need to register for these conferences outside of the application).

The deadline to apply to these workshops is June 30th. The earlier you can submit your application, the better!

  1. Apply to the CNBC Business News Associate Workshop
  2. Apply to the CNBC Business Reporting Workshop
  3. Apply to the CNBC Business Producing Workshop
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