Seeking academic credit for your Fall Internship?

The deadline to submit an Experience Proposal through Handshake is August 23, 2019.

There are three steps and an approval process that must be completed by August 23 in order for an internship to be recognized by the College as a for-credit experience. The steps are…

  1. Secure an internship. Use Handshake to search, or find one on your own using sites like or

  2. Register for the 499 or 690 internship course within your major. (View Class Terms & RequirementsNote that this is an academic course requiring tuition payment for its credits as well as class attendance).

  3. Submit an Experience Proposal through Handshake. Your internship supervisor and the faculty member running your course will be sent your proposal for review.

Learn more about our for-credit internship guidelines by clicking the link below:

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