September 6th is a big day for Emerson College. Yes, it’s the first Friday of the new semester… but it also marks the return of our world-famous Org Fair! (Okay, maybe not world-famous but it’s still a big deal.)

Stop by today’s Org Fair is your chance to connect with all of the wonderful groups and leaders who define our campus life. It’s your chance to explore and discover Emerson College’s robust community. But, more than that, it’s also a great time to get involved with like-minded leaders in an experience that defines the Emerson experience for so many students.

Make a Lasting Connection:

Joining an organization is an instant platform for networking. You’re bound to meet people passionate about similar interests and you’ll inevitably bond at some point in the process of organizing events or coordinating a project. The best advice? Look for opportunities to grow and meet new people and contacts that will last beyond your time at Emerson.

Develop Your Community and Your Career:

Many organizations provide opportunities for some serious professional development. There are several groups that encourage students to get hands-on experience through projects like developing marketing campaigns or running your own publication from start to finish. Take advantage of the groups that allow you to learn skills in a casual and friendly environment as many of them will provide you with great talking points on your resume and during your interviews. (Plus, you’ll have some great projects to throw into your portfolio!)

Full List:

To help guide you in your search, we’re providing a short-list of some of the project or career focused organizations we have on campus across a variety of our career communities. Check out our selections but also find the full list of organizations over at EmConnect!

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