If there’s one post you read in advance of the Internship Fair (which is on September 19th, 12:30-3:30pm in the Bobbi Brown & Steven Plofker Gym in Piano Row)… it’s this one. Seriously, if you’re scared just thinking about the Fair and what’s going to be happening on the big day, I’m here to tell you everything will be okay. Besides, we’ve created a TON of pre-fair resources for you already.

Yes, there will be over 50 employers and yes, there are a ton of internships being discussed (you’ve probably seen the poster by now). But the important thing to remember in the days leading up to the fair is that this is your time to shine, it’s your time to talk about yourself and your experience, and it’s your time to match with the next stunning opportunity right around the corner.

To prep you for the fair, I want to cover a few things that will be happening that day. Well, really, I want to talk about one thing: Balloons.

What Do the Balloons Mean?

To make your life easier, we’re arranging our employers at the fair by your major. We’ll have balloons out to identify the employers offering internships for your career interests. The color scheme is as follows:

  • Communication Studies (Blue)
  • Marketing Communications (Pink)
  • Visual Media Arts (Red)
  • Journalism (Green)
  • Communication Sciences & Disorders (Orange)
  • WLP (Yellow)
  • Performing Arts (White)
  • All Majors (Purple)

Oh and speaking of employers attending the fair, have you had a chance to check out the resources we’ve put together for you? You know, the Internship Fair Guide and our newly released Career Guides giving you the lowdown on your major’s employers?


Click Here to Prepare for the Fair!

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