If there’s one thing that both iProspect and FCB agree on, it’s that the old-school era of Madison Avenue’s Mad Men has come and gone. Today’s marketing demands a more story-focused and data-driven approach, one that’s bolstered not only by visibility and awareness of a brand but is also driven by connections that empower its audiences.

It’s these connections between a brand and the people it serves that inspire much of the work iProspect and FCB have committed themselves to. But enough about marketing’s landscape! Let’s get to talking about who’s who on this year’s Marketing Track for the New York Connection…


iProspect has a specific focus on creating and supporting connections between brands and their audiences through simple yet effective marketing strategies.

The secret behind their work has to do with the culture they bring to the table. In addition to having a can-do attitude, iProspect describes their work as fast-paced, innovative, and, above all else, responsible.

Collaboration and consistency are key to iProspect’s success. This takes the form of a close relationship between the agency and clients. iProspect is committed to keeping its clientele in the loop on trends, insights, and where their return on investment (ROI) stands. And this isn’t just limited to results — iProspect also positions their partners as collaborators, achieving their results by sharing ideas and knowledge amongst one another.

Past clients of iProspect include brands like Staples, Hilton, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, and many other industry-leading names. You can check out some examples of their work here.

But let’s get one thing clear: Just because iProspect works with a variety of brands and industries does not mean they work with a catch-all strategy. In fact, it’s just the opposite: The company has defined separate strategies relevant to specific industries. It’s this commitment to specializing that has allowed them to maintain their diverse and impressive portfolio.

A career with iProspect can lead to a vast network of experienced thought leaders with experience in many areas of Marketing. This is one stop to consider for those seeking agency-focused careers in the field.


Foote, Cone, & Belding is a global advertising agency with a fascinating backstory.

Started in 1873, FCB operates as the third-oldest advertising agency in the U.S. today. But don’t let that storied history fool you: The agency is just as young as other modern agencies looking to leave a mark. Since 2016, FCB has operated with the ethos of a start-up, assuming a can-do attitude driven by ideas that will shape the world of tomorrow.

But what does that mean exactly? In their own words:

“[FCB goes] Beyond awareness, perceptions and engagement. We’re talking about equity-building, media-agnostic thinking that aggregates to a greater, purpose-driven story that can withstand the winds of change, while converting leads into sales and ROI overnight.”

Some of FCB’s past clients include names like Burger King, the Food and Drug Administration, NIVEA, and LG, amongst others. It’s worth noting that their work with these brands, and others, has also been recognized by the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, receiving over 15 Silver and Bronze Lions, respectively, in 2016.

Working with FCB will also expose you to a wide variety of industries and message-focused work. But truthfully, the best part of checking them out has to be their commitment to innovation and reinvention as the agency continues to define itself by the potential of its future and not by its storied past.

There are still tickets open for Track 2 on the NYC Connection: