Our office has organized an Internship Ready Course run through Canvas for the past two years. This course is traditionally shared with rising Sophomores each Spring as we provide resources and education for those pursuing internship opportunities. In Fall 2019, however, we decided to approach the course a little differently.

Emerson College established its Comedic Arts program in 2016, meaning that current Comedic Arts students are either actively engaged in or are preparing for internship and career searches. Because the program is so unique — and is considered the first of its kind in the country — our office has decided to approach these students’ career education in a specialized and more focused manner.

Enter the Internship Ready Course for Comedic Arts students.

This course, as the others before it, was designed to prepare students for a competitive internship search, providing information around professional development and internship starting points.

We recently celebrated the conclusion of the course for this semester, with an Internship Ready Reception on Friday, November 15th. Faculty member Matthew McMahan, a key collaborator in this semester’s course, kicked the day off with a quick overview of the program, why professional development is so important, and why the speaker for that afternoon deserved everyone’s attention. Our speaker was none other than…

Headshot of Elyse Schuerman
Elyse Schuerman

Elyse Schuerman, co-producer and key player for the Women in Comedy Festival. We wrote about Elyse and the WICF a while back — that piece can be found here — but, in short, she represents an incredible organization with partners in almost every corner of Boston’s comedy scene. Students were able to hear Elyse speak from personal experience while she also provided a picture of the comedy landscape on the East Coast and beyond.

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