The Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) has announced their latest Road Trip to the Real World series, a professional development opportunity offering students the chance to visit companies such as HubSpot, HBO, Horizon Media, and more.

It’s important to note that the application deadline for this opportunity is fast approaching with a cut-off of Monday, December 9th. To skip ahead, you can apply using the button below:

To prepare you for this application, our office has put together a quick cheat sheet to understanding site visits and why this opportunity could be of benefit to your career.

What is a Site Visit?

Site Visits are essentially a planned visit to a specific company. They are frequently informational with a focus on describing a company’s history, its mission, and its open opportunities. In addition to this, it’s a chance to see a behind-the-scenes view of a major employer.

This kind of experience can benefit your career exploration as it provides a look into the daily tasks or functions your role (or roles in this field) might support. More than that, these experiences allow you to get a sense of what a company’s office feels like in terms of its layout and, by extension, its culture.

Ask yourself: What does a typical work station look like? What kind of floor plan does the office provide — is it open or do employees have their own offices? Are there free snacks?!

The answers to these questions might make or break your decision to pursue a specific company. (Or, at the very least, they’ll clue you into some more details about the place.)

So What?

You’ll never get a sense of what a workplace is like until you’ve had this kind of look behind the curtain. EACE is offering an incredible chance to see workplaces from dozens of top-name employers this year — so please take advantage of the opportunity!

You may learn more about the program and apply using the link below:

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