Let’s say you’re a December grad, or maybe you’ve got one more semester to go before you walk across the stage in May…

This whole college thing happened fast, didn’t it?

There may have been some semesters more grueling than others, and memorable experiences that you’ll hold onto for years to come. This is, after all, the time you’ve been learning how to “adult”. This is a time that reflects the complexity of what it means to come into your own. You are defining yourself, claiming your space, and most of all, planning your future!

Now just a disclaimer:

I’m not asking you to become a psychic.

I’m not asking for a ten-year plan.

What I am asking is that you stay open to the process that is transition. It happened before high school, it certainly happened during what was probably one of the most exciting times of your Emerson career, Orientation.

(Come on, who could forget that!) And now it gets to happen again, as you move on to take your Emerson experiences beyond downtown Boston. Here are some pieces of advice for you, newbie alum, as you prepare for post-grad life:

You’re supposed to be uncomfortable.

If the main character in a film had nothing to go through, it wouldn’t be very interesting to watch, would it?  The process of going through your own plot points (job interviews, first apartments, networking, etc.) requires you to continue stretching your muscles, even when you’re feeling uncertain, or even vulnerable. You can grow from those moments. I could give you that whole “get out of your comfort zone” speech but you get my point. J

Your education doesn’t stop.

The advantage you have is that you’re a storyteller, a communicator, and have the skills that the world desperately needs right now. Your next workplace, bosses, colleagues and projects will provide you with new ways to look at your industry. Through that, you’ll continue to learn about yourself and what you bring to the table.  

Your time management will get tested again, and again…

But you did go to Emerson, so chances are you’ve already gotten a head start on that one. 🙂 Ok, so we’ll call this phase II of making sure you give yourself time to sleep and eat and enjoy life.

Look at your contacts because you’re about to build more.

Freaking out about networking? Start where you are.  Peers, faculty, fellow interns, even folks you work with in jobs that have little to nothing to do with your career plan can be meaningful connections. The minute you assume that only a certain group of people can be good contacts, you run the risk of missing out on opportunities. Also organize your professional lists. Who’s close to you? Who do you know, but want to know better? Who do you want to meet?

Know your resources.

True or False: Alumni have access to the career center after graduation.

Absolutely True!

By now you should have received information about your resources for life. It’s got a lot of information but all of it is for you. Your post-grad life requires a hearty tool kit and we’re here to provide you with tools and the advice to go with it. You’re not alone in the process.

Congratulations on the next step of your Emerson journey! Wherever you are, you’re always an Emersonian.

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