As 2019 winds down towards its close and 2020 peaks over the horizon, a bit of change might be something that you are looking for as we head into the next decade. 

Whether you are on the East coast or the West coast, a new job could just be that change of pace. With this in mind, we want to share some resources that could help you out with your job search which are the Jobs for Emerson Alumni Group, LA Hot List, and New York Hot List.

One of the resources available for Alumni looking for job opportunities is the Alumni Group on Facebook called Jobs for Emerson College Alumni. In this Facebook Group, the Career Development Center and Emerson Alumni post job listings that are available across the country. One valuable thing about this group is that the Career Development Center will post jobs that they know are in an immediate need of hiring a position. 

Some other resources to find some new job opportunities include the New York and Los Angeles Hot Lists. These Hot Lists are a pair of regularly-distributed jobs and internships lists compiled from Emerson College alumni and insider sources.  It is a great resource for those seeking opportunities on either or both the East or West Coast.

The Los Angeles Hot List comes out weekly typically on Mondays, and is comprised of a collection of opportunities those working in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, the New York Hot List comes out bi-weekly typically on Wednesdays and is list comprised of a collection of opportunities coming from those working across a variety of industries including but not limited to Marketing, Performing Arts, Publishing, and Film/TV.

Sign up for our Los Angeles and New York City Hot Lists using the links below.

LA Jobs List

NYC Jobs List

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