Resume Books offer a unique way of connecting with specific opportunities throughout the year. They’re a staple of the work we do in the Career Development Center for a few reasons.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a Resume Book is, when they’re announced, and/or how to get involved, then this is the article for you. But first…

What is a Resume Book?

Resume Books are collections of Resumes submitted by certain applicants. In the case of Emerson College’s Resume Books, these are collections of Emerson student and/or alumni resumes.

You may have heard this a few times in your career search but, if you haven’t, it’s valuable information: Recruiters are only human.

Recruiters with major media companies are practically inundated with thousands of applications from students around the globe. As Emerson students, you have a bit of a leg up in certain areas, however, the sheer volume of resumes can definitely keep you from being noticed.

Resume Books help raise your application to the top of the pile by highlighting all of the applicants from the College.

But let’s be clear: You have to meet a Resume Book’s qualifications to be included.

Check Out Our Resume Books FAQ

Am I Qualified for a Resume Book?

Let’s put it this way: Are you qualified to do an internship for credit?

While it’s tempting to submit your resume to every Resume Book opportunity that becomes available, it’s best to think about the companies and opportunities that make the most sense for you. Besides, it’s better to apply with a strong application than to force something out early.

That being said, the general guidelines for Resume Books are:

  • Must be Junior, Senior, or Graduate students
  • Must have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Must have met with the Career Development Center
  • Preferred: Completed at least 1 internship experience

There’s even more information about the requirements and timeline behind Resume Books on our Resume Book FAQ Guide.

What kind of Resume Books are offered?

Resume Books represent a unique partnership between Emerson College and a specific employer. Bear in mind that not every employer requests these materials.

The Career Development Center attempts to create Resume Books for major companies throughout the year but all of it is dependent on the recruiting interests of the employer and if they need assistance viewing Emerson’s specific applicants.

Resume Books will be announced via Careerbuzz, Handshake, email, and social media as they open throughout the semester. Students may find Resume Books via the Emerson College Career Development Center employer page on Handshake.

We have some exciting announcements on the way — so keep your eyes peeled for our next few Books opening up!

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