In light of shutdowns, office closures, and cancellations, we felt that this was the perfect time to check back in with Womxn of Emerson from years past to see where they’re at and how their success has grown over the past few years.

We reached out folx featured in our 2017, 2018, and 2019 Womxn of Emerson series to ask the question: What’s new for you?

Val Kappa, ’00

“I teach Comedy Writing at Emerson’s Pre-College Program. I’m an MBA Candidate at Isenberg School of Management(UMass Amherst). I have been opening for Jen Kirkman, Tig Notaro and Gary Gulman on occasion.”

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Paloma Valenzuela, ’09

“I think the biggest update I have at the moment is that I am launching Season Three of my web series on Youtube!

Also I am the Artist this Spring in the Artist in Residency Program at Urbano Project in Jamaica Plain. I will have an exhibit in their space in April.

And in 2019 I was awarded the City Of Boston Artist Fellowship.”

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Susan Banks, ’76

“I am writing and producing 2 movies for TV One.  The first one, Coins For Love has completed principle photography in Atlanta. I am finalizing the second script now, Coins Forever (sequel) for production in April.

That’s all for me for now.  I have a few other things I’m working on, but fingers crossed for success!”

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Katie Prisco-Buxbaum, ’14

Since Katie was featured in Womxn of Emerson, she served as the Finance Director for now Governor Gavin Newsom in his gubernatorial race and served as the Southwest Finance Director for Kamala Harris’ historic presidential campaign. Katie now serves as the Campaign Manager for Jesse Mermell, who is running for Congress to represent the Fourth District of Massachusetts.

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Colleen Kelly, ’10 & ’16

“My 400-level Feminist Media Production course became an official part of the VMA curriculum (i.e. got its own course number in the UG catalogue). That’s pretty cool! And I recently took over Miranda Banks’ Race and Gender in Contemporary Hollywood course. 

Pretty much all that’s new on my end. Advising remains the same and I haven’t made any new work recently!”

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Josie Bray, ’01 & ’03

“In 2019 I was the award recipient of a LAB Grant from the Boston Foundation, and developed an evening length piece of devised theatre with a ensemble of diverse women about healing trauma in community.

The musical I’ve been working on for the last 7 years, Trevor, is opening off Broadway in April at Stage 42 in New York City.”

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Danielle Reddy, ’00

“I’ve taken a position on the board of the MIT Women’s League, which aims to connect and support faculty, staff, students, and spouses/partners who identify on women at MIT. Aside from that, job is the same (and still good), and we’re working on ways to engage women and underrepresented minorities in the work of MIT’s Alumni Association.

We’re also working on connecting first generation/low-income students with alumni who were also FG/LI, and working to do targeted outreach to engage FG/LI parents and families. (I don’t know that this is important enough for an update, but it’s work I’m really excited about, so I can’t stop talking about it.)”

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Sara Morgan, ’05 & ’10

“Since last year I have joined Dell Technologies as a product marketer. I’m really excited to put my branding and strategy experience to work to help relaunch a cloud-based product that spans the entire portfolio of storage products. It’s also been personally fulfilling as a company with dedicated goals and developed specifically for women and people of color I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some really cool initiatives. I’ve joined the Black Networking Alliance leadership helping with communications and professional development. I also was able to attend an amazing IWD event where both Dominique Dawes and Sarah Thomas (the first female referee in the NFL) gave amazing keynotes.”

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Mary Yeager, ’15

“This actually comes at a great time for me because I just accepted a new job over at Harvard. I will be starting there on April 6 as the Associate Director of Engagement Marketing for the Harvard Alumni Association. My role will entail overseeing major marketing and communications strategies that drive alumni engagement with a global audience of more than 350,000. I also got married in the fall to my highschool sweetheart (one of these days my name will be changing to Mary Sansone!). Outside of work and romance, I’ve been doing a good amount of traveling, just returned from Iceland this week. I’ve additionally started taking classes in Emerson’s Copyediting certification program.”

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Awet Teame, ’00

“So I just heard the news that I beat out the competition and was offered the Cyber Security Analyst position at Partners Heathcare starting this July but training begins at the end of March.  There was only one position available and I got it!!!!

In other news, The Rozzie Theater will continue to support my show, “Awet’s Comedy World” once a month.  The next show will be in April or May then every month after that.

I shot another episode on Tv One’s “For My Man” which will air this summer.  My next comedy show is the “Femme Fatales” Show at The Comedy Studio in Somerville this Saturday, 3/14/20. Then a private 420 event in April! Life is grand!”

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