Yes that’s the title. Never thought I’d write that!

A month ago we had no idea (or maybe some idea) that our lives would change so drastically due to Covid-19. In my humble opinion it’s all been like a high stakes improv exercise. For Emersonians who know that game, we’re essentially left to say, in our work and personal lives “yes and” to stay flexible and keep it moving. 

Life and work have to go on but you might be looking at things a little differently now.

We’re Here to Help

I want to remind you about the existing resources available for alumni. You might feel derailed at the moment, but our virtual door is open for appointments to address:

Changing careers: You might be uncertain about what a transition will look like, continuing your education, or ready to explore what else is out there. 

Personal Branding Overhaul!: Even before the pandemic you needed to make some serious changes to a dated resume, a LinkedIn profile that you haven’t looked at in over a year, and a refresher on how to create a strong cover letter.

Looking for work: This is the heart of the matter for a lot of you. If you’ve already been looking for work, or thinking about your next gig, I’m sure you’re concerned about where the opportunities are and how long it will take to get a foot in the door. Below are questions on people’s minds…

1.Who’s hiring? Some industries, such as entertainment media and performing arts have been hit hard. In other industries it’s been easier to continue to hire remotely. We are continuing to get updates from our partner employers, and there are companies out there still hiring. Handshake is still a reliable resource where opportunities are up to date. Like everyone else, recruiters have had to adjust to this new normal, but still focused on recruiting goals and attracting talent.

2. What do hiring timelines look like? Some have gotten longer. Many companies are in a holding pattern due to the federal stay at home guidance and will continue to be so at least through early May. As companies address the immediate impact of covid-19, they’re focused on their current employees. As a result, hiring goals have to be adjusted.  Currently there is an open source page available for anyone to review and update with info on hiring freezes. *Please know that the Emerson Career Development Center does not own this page and has no control over content posted. For information on job searching, view our guide on Tips for Safely Searching for Jobs and Internships on

3. Have employers recently connected with the Emerson Career Development Center? Our employer engagement team has connected with over a hundred employers in the past month to make sure their information with us is accurate. Log on to Handshake to get set up a profile, and get more information on opportunities.


If ever there was ever a time to network (when taking breaks from watching the news) it’s now. Most folks are now at home and it allows more opportunity to make connections.

Introverts and extroverts alike can:

  1. Review their professional brand. Ask yourself: Is it clear or muddled? Thorough or incomplete? Engaging or vague?
  2. Research fellow alumni you’re interested in on LinkedIn and generate a list of 4-5 questions to ask.
  3. Write up your quick, concise and impactful intro about why you’re reaching out. Our Professional Communication Guide can help.

We also want to hear your questions. As we review resources for you and stay up to date on covid-19’s impact on industries, please reach out to us here with your questions, concerns and suggestions.

May this message find you safe and healthy. All the best to you and our strong, resilient Emerson community.