With so much up in the air right now, it doesn’t take a mindreader to know what many of our graduating students are thinking: Who’s hiring?

There has been a lot of news coming out over the past two weeks declaring the current job market as being stacked against career starters and seekers. What we’re here to provide, however, is a little peace of mind as we share a valuable secret during this time: People are still figuring it out.

If you’re curious of what hiring looks like right now or what our office advises during this time, I invite you to check out our COVID-19 FAQ page as a starter. If you’re feeling uncertain of what your next steps are, keep reading.

You’re Searching for Work

Let’s be clear: Your dream job is still out there. The stakes may have changed, but the reality you’re working toward has not. Jobs will always rely on your experience and your value as a professional, whether we’re in a pandemic or not.

What has changed, however, is the timeline to landing your dream job. That’s hard to hear for some who feel that they were this close to landing that kind of role, but it is, at least in the short-term, a reality we need to face. And, as such, you may need to think about your current career search a little differently.

Some of what we encourage in the short-term, includes:

  • Searching for ‘Survival Jobs’: A ‘survival job’ is a job you take on to pay the bills and get through the next few weeks (or months). It’s not ideal but it’s something out there for those who need to make some immediate income. The Remote Work Hot List we recently shared can be a great starting point. (You may also consider some opportunities that are local to you as well.)
  • Reframing Your ‘Dream Job’: Jobs are still out there. That’s a fact. But the destination is changing slightly, depending on your current circumstances. If you had visions of relocating to LA or NYC as early as this Summer, you may want to think about the why behind that move and, more specifically, what opportunity you’ll be pursuing once you get there. Some folx have put their relocation on pause as their career search opens to more local work at places like smaller marketing agencies, local production houses, or local news stations. Don’t write off your hometown area just yet — there may be something worthwhile.
  • Get Connected: We’re navigating a unique time where so many of us are together but apart. Emerson’s community of alumni, current students, and faculty are all coming together in one way or another to offer support and guidance. Right now is the perfect time to connect with alumni through LinkedIn over topics such as Informational Interviews or more general career conversations. It might not feel like it, but doing research during this time can pay dividends when taking the next step and applying.

Do not just take my word for this. Everyone’s situation is going to be unique as we’re all navigating these uncertain times. It’s important to connect with your Career Counselor for the most relevant and specific guidance.

You Lost Your Job

Take a deep breath. Quiet those thoughts for a moment. And just know that we know one definite thing: This sucks.

Whether that moment of reflection helps or not is entirely up to you, though we feel its worth mentioning. A lot of folx are feeling frustrated, upset, or just generally depressed by the current state of things. We hear those feelings and we want to let you know they’re all valid.

In an effort to be helpful in this situation, we’ve compiled some resources that may be of some assistance to those seeking support while unemployed:

  • Filing for Unemployment varies state-to-state. While we cannot link one particular resource for this, we can guide you to the Department of Labor’s website where the qualifications for these benefits are outlined. Know that, in these times, qualifications are becoming more flexible. If you are confused by the process or would like support filing for unemployment, please contact us at careers@emerson.edu
  • If you’re in immediate need of income and do not qualify for Unemployment, take a moment to assess your current bills and finances. Contact service providers and explain your situation. While some providers may continue billing, many are reconsidering this stance in light of recent events.
  • Beyond this, there are short-term work opportunities available via the Remote Work Hot List we shared as well as our COVID-19 Resource Sheet which is actively being contribute to by alumni.

Lastly, it’s not a bad idea to hop into our Emerson College Alumni Association Group on LinkedIn in an effort to share your story and circumstances for possible support. The group has been fairly active as of late as many are trying to connect seasoned alumni and recent grads with the most relevant resources.

I Need a Job ASAP

While we cannot guarantee a job, we can do what’s possible to get you connected with opportunities and possible next steps. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our office either via email or by using the Appointment Scheduling link down below.

Remember: We’re here to help!

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