You made it. Yet while the current state of affairs might have you feeling anxious, scared, or lost, it’s important to recognize the sheer fact that you are here — you are graduating. And regardless of what is happening in the world, your journey has just begun.

The Career Development Center has organized a collection of resources and tools to help guide your post-graduate journey toward career success. Titled EC20 CareerLaunch, these offerings are designed to walk you through the planning and execution of a successful career plan. But enough talk — let’s share some of what you can expect to encounter in the resource, launching next Monday, April 27th, on Canvas.

A Checklist to Graduating

CareerLaunch will cover a variety of topics and action steps necessary for any career seeker. Some of this includes, but is not limited to:

  • How to Manage Stress During a Job Search
  • Goal Setting 101
  • Developing a Targeted Resume (specific to Employer, Career, or a Job)
  • How to Nail a Professional Interview

But before getting too deep into resources, we wanted to offer a preview of the Graduating Student Checklist we’re offering students, including a step-by-step guide to what you’ll want to have wrapped up before we get too far into Summer.

Wrap Up Your College To-Do’s:

  • Check in with Financial Aid to determine loans and payment options in the future.
  • Wrap up loose ends in terms of book/equipment rentals, library books, pending balances.
  • Review IT’s Information for info on your email and other online services after Graduation

Determine Timeline & Budget:

  • Know your budget scenarios (apartment lease timeframe, location options, expenses including loans)
  • Create a budget using the Student Success Money Matters resources
  • Have a conversation with family/guardians/roommates to ensure you are sharing your plans with those impacted

Create Goals:

  • What are your plans a,b, & c?
  • Consider your timeline and budget when mapping your plans (you can move to x location only if you have a job by x date or you can hold out for plan A based on your budget until x date)

Develop Your Brand:

  • Using your goals, create a narrative that supports these goals (consider experiences that have related or transferrable skills & create the bridge)
  • Update your materials, including resume and cover letter (you may have a few versions to meet each plan and they will update slightly each time you apply
  • Think about your online brand and what story it tells if someone were to Google you (LinkedIn, other social, etc.)
  • Consider the references that can support you when applying for these types of roles (faculty, supervisors, etc.)

The Search:

  • Focus on Research, Networking, and Job Board to support your search
  • Develop a schedule for yourself and hold yourself accountable throughout the process
  • Stay organized with application materials and follow-up efforts

Next Steps:

  • Prepare for the Interview through research and practice
  • Send Thank You notes!
  • Consider steps for being successful on the job in person or virtually
  • Engage with your alumni network

Stay tuned for an official CareerLaunch Announcement on Monday, April 27th, to connect with more Graduating Student Resources!

Contact if you have any questions or needs!

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