Looking to pass the time and advance your career over the next couple of weeks? We’ve got you covered.

Featured below are several upcoming virtual events offered by our office and our Campus Partners. We’ve included a brief blurb about some of these opportunities below. Be sure to visit EmConnect for the most up-to-date info on upcoming events:

Ask Me Anything with Rachel Goodman ’14

Connect with Emerson Alum and former student leader, Rachel Goodman, who works as an Associate Editor at W.W. Norton & Company. These AmA sessions are perfect for those seeking some low-stakes networking opportunities.

Ask Me Anything with Becky Brinkerhoff ’16

Connect with Emerson Alum and former student leader, Becky Brinkerhoff, who works as a Copywriter with Arnold Worldwide.

Wisdom Wednesdays

Wisdom Wednesdays is a half-hour weekly gathering of meditation, spiritual practices, music, and meditative silence. Open to ALL students, faculty and staff, this weekly gathering with live music seeks to provide a sacred pause in the middle of our busy Emerson lives. 

Upcoming External Events:

  • Virtual Open Mic NYC At Your Service, Isolation Be Gone!: Now welcoming the global community of artists to connect with others during this time of isolation and uncertainty in an effort to bring some light to our lives during a seemingly dark time. (Learn More)
  • Is It Art? Bookclub-like swapping books for art.: Do you look at art and wonder, “Is it art?” or “What makes that art?” or even “Am I really making art?” This weekly drop in event will review a variety of artists and their work through open guided discussion of multiple artists on a theme. (Learn More)
  • WINC Webinars for Women Entrepreneurs – WEBINAR Events: WINC Wealth Nights are a powerful series of events on the 1st Wednesday (LIVE in Boulder, CO) and 3rd Thursday (ONLINE WEBINAR) of every month that provide you with strategic business training for starting, growing and maintaining your business as a female, solopreneur. (Learn More)
  • 3 Personal Finance Hacks No One Tells Us (Webinar): Whether you know a lot or a little about financial “adulting,” we have you covered. Sometimes we know exactly what we should be doing with our money and are doing so many of the right things, yet there’s still something missing. We can’t seem to make as much progress as we’d like, or we take a few steps forward only to then take a few steps back. (Learn More)
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