COVID-19 has significantly impacted the job market. Whether you’re talking about a rise in unemployment or a decline in the number of open opportunities, this is clearly an uncertain time for many career seekers. 

But if there’s one thing we’re going to keep reaffirming over the next few weeks (or months), it’s this: Hope is not lost.

There are still a number of employers who plan to continue recruiting during this time, including some big names in industries such as Film & Television, Advertising, and Journalism. To help illustrate this, our team recently compiled a report in Handshake to help illustrate hiring trends with Emerson College-affiliated employers. Without further ado, here’s a look at…

Who’s Hiring

The following insights were put together using employer, internship, and job data that was shared within Handshake in the past 30 days. These findings reflect the most up-to-date information in terms of open internship and job opportunities.

Opportunities Shared in April

In looking at overall Employer activity since going online, we saw more positions being shared in April than we did in mid to late March.

This uptick in posts was primarily due to our Employer Engagement Team’s efforts in confirming employers’ recruiting efforts during this time. As a reminder, all positions that have been confirmed as hiring will be featured under the “covid featured” label on Handshake.

Hiring Industries

The Film & Television Industry continues to show strong numbers in terms of open internships while Healthcare leads the pack in terms of open jobs. For a more specific breakdown, we found significant numbers of opportunities in the following industries:

Outside of these top five, our list of hiring industries also extends to Education and Fashion.

Top Employers

A number of employers have risen to the top of “who’s hiring” in terms of their open job and internship positions. These employers include:

  1. Fullscreen Media: 20 Internships
  2. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: 16 Internships, 1 Job
  3. Design Museum Foundation: 6 Internships
  4. Boston Children’s Hospital: 1 Internship, 14 Jobs
  5. The Learning Community: 13 Jobs
  6. Skirball Cultural Center: 3 Internships
  7. Massachusetts General Hospital: 6 Internships, 18 Jobs
  8. Mass Poetry: 2 Internships, 1 Job
  9. May Institute, Inc.: 7 Jobs
  10. Whole U.: 2 Internships

Employers with Remote Jobs

A number of employers have confirmed plans to offer remote internships or jobs during this time and beyond. As a reminder, you can check out a number of Remote Work opportunities by searching “remote” or similar terms in Handshake’s search bar. Click here for an example.

Looking for More Info?

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