Ready to get out there to put your new Emerson degree to work?

As an international student, remember that you may have unique skills that will set you apart in the job search, including adaptability, intercultural perspective, and second language fluency. 

Your Optional Practical Training (OPT) work permission allows you to work up to 12 months in the U.S. without employer sponsorship.

The Office of International Student Affairs and the Career Development Center are here to guide you through the steps of finding and securing a job.

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Staying in touch with OISA

As long as you are on OPT, you are still “our” F-1 student, and we’re still your home base for immigration support. We’ll be here to assist you with questions about your SEVIS record, international travel, and U.S. work or study options after OPT. 

Immigration paperwork aside, we also like hearing from you! Drop us a line when you get that first job, when your short story gets published, your show goes up, or the film you produced is released. We’d also love to see you stop in to OISA events. 

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Main Office:

Andrea Popa | Director (Graduate students, ELA, GBFA) | appointments:

Jason Yang | International Student Advisor (Undergraduate students) | appointments:

For students graduating from ELA, you may also contact:
Annie Kelly | Associate Director of Student Support (at Emerson Los Angeles)

For Career Development Center support, reach out to:
Emi Bague | Assistant Director, International Student Career Services

A Note from Career Development’s International Student Career Services:

Dear New Emerson International Alumni,

Congratulations on completing your Emerson education! You have come a long way, from points around the globe and now looking towards next steps here in the U.S., in your home countries, or somewhere in between. Wherever you land, that place will be blessed to have you in their communities of life and work. With that in mind, I hope to encourage you as you move forward.

  • Be confident. You came to Emerson with goals and dreams, some of your own, and some of your families’. You have grown here, learning across cultures in a second language, and far from home. Now, you are moving forward with a firm academic foundation, practical knowledge, experience, and a network of alumni and professionals who upon graduation will be among your global colleagues. You have everything you need to succeed.

  • Build Relationships. You will remember the word “networking”, but remember that networking is about building authentic relationships even in the world of work. While networking may look different depending on the cultural context, you can add your new perspective of relationship building into the culture that you land in next. Bring your true self into your networking outreach and you will eventually connect with those with whom you will have more meaningful, lasting, and impactful relationships. Some of your networking will be global. Continue to observe and learn what approaches align with your values and are most rewarding.

  • Stay Connected. As an Emersonian, you will always be connected to Emerson in Boston and to our campuses and alumni around the world. Sometimes, you will look back at your Emerson experience and remember those who were part of your path here. Whether with former classmates, favorite faculty, or administrative staff who supported you along the way, keep in touch. Remember that at the Career Development Center, we say, “Careers for Life.” We will continue to support your career development and goals in the years to come and will want to hear your stories, watch your productions, and also learn from you as you move out into the world.It has been a pleasure to support you at Emerson. I wish you all the best.

Emi Bague