Hello fellow Emersonian peers, partner employers, mentors, job seekers, etc. A hearty welcome back to our annual summer series: Tuesday Tips! Each summer we take some time to remind alumni about the career support we provide, offering tips along the way. We figured this year we’d kickstart things a little earlier. First off, check out some posts here for a trip down Tuesday Tip memory lane.

This has been a challenging start to the year to say the least. Our communities have been rocked by a lot, and with that is the challenge of keeping our heads high and not forgetting our goals. We’re not here to ignore the issues going on around us, but to provide some grounding advice to keep you focused on career plans as we look to improve the country, and the world we live in.

With that in mind I figured there’s no time like the present to think about how we can stay connected. We’re working from home, socially distanced, and I don’t know about you, but the opportunity to meet new folks is always welcome!

Introducing Yourself To Strangers

There’s nothing like having a solid network that’s got your back. I’m not just talking about knowing someone who works at a company that you’ve been dying to interview at. Your network is a variety of individuals that you’ve known over time. During that time, the relationships have evolved and have been nurtured. Below are examples of where you might be:

  • You recently graduated from Emerson and feel more isolated than ever.
  • You were beginning your job search right before Covid-19 hit and you’re frustrated with the glacial pace of looking for opportunities.
  • As you work from home, the pandemic has distanced you from folks you would normally see at events, or after hours and you want to start reconnecting with people.
  • You still have more you want to learn and process about your field to develop more in your career and well… you just want to talk to someone!

Even though Emersonians are known for their communication skills, don’t feel discouraged if communicating your thoughts, questions, or even just introducing yourself to someone who doesn’t know you at all feels a bit foreign. As we say about marketing: you may be able to market a product or service but when it comes to marketing ourselves, we may need a little help!

  1. Start with you. Before you reach out to people, ask yourself some questions. Why Emerson? Why your program? How did you end up at the jobs you’ve had?  Who are the kinds of people you want to talk with? There’s no better way to start introducing yourself to people than getting reacquainted with you.
  2. What do you have to offer? Have no doubts about this. Yes, you may be seeking work, have questions about a company, or looking for interview advice, but none of us spends our time in college without memorable experiences and talents discovered. Even if it means getting out a post- it note and putting all of your talents down in front of you, do it.
  3. Be Curious. Yes, you can be anxious, or concerned about whether or not you’ll hear back from someone you emailed. Look at this as an opportunity to learn though. We’re students for life. Keep a running list of people. Stay curious. Stay hungry.
  4. Be Respectful. About that whole waiting to hear back from people: yes, some may take longer, some are super busy but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to help. Always introduce yourself keeping in mind that their work from home life might be a little hectic these days. 

If you’re feeling stuck with that intro, here’s a sample to give you an idea….

Hi Sarah,

I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you in person, but I was looking at your LinkedIn profile today and saw that you have a lot of great experiences in publishing. I went to Emerson as well and excited to connect with other Emerson folks and learn more about the field. I’d love to talk with you online or phone if you have the time. Thank you for your time and have a great week.

Have questions about networking or other career topics? Give us a holler at careers@emerson.edu and reference Tuesday Tips. We’d love to hear from you!

Be well, and carry on.

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