BNSBC Media Ventures LLC is a local company focused on the power media has to both empower and engage individuals. Serving primarily as a publishing company for industries such as Film & Television Production, Software Development, and Graphic Design, the BNSBC name functions as an umbrella for several smaller brands with areas of specialty. These include:

  • Collegiate E-Sports Connection: Organizes e-sports tournaments and events for colleges and universities.
  • NHP Animations: Creates animations and graphics for businesses and individuals. Also creates animated films and CGI effects.
  • BNSBC Music Licensing: Licenses a vast library of company-owned music.
  • SpecGraphix: Focuses on software development. SpecGraphix has created “Advanced Green Screen Engine” which is a CGI tool for kids, “Niña” which is an AI assistant for kids, and the SGCraft Minecraft server which is a public free-to-play server currently underdevelopment. 
  • SpecGraphixEDU (SGEDU): Educates K – 5th Grade students in all aspects of digital media.
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We recently connected with Eric Hansen, the CEO of BNSBC, to learn more about current opportunities in their SGEDU program.

How would you describe the culture at BNSBC?

Eric: “BNSBC Media Ventures’ culture revolves around making a positive social impact for those who need it without getting political or involved in controversial issues. We strive to help individuals who either don’t have a voice, are underrepresented or misrepresented in pop culture or the media in subtle ways, and/or need the services we offer to improve their life when no one else is there to help. BNSBC knows the value of every team member and provides the resources and motivation every team needs to best serve the community. Every team member is a part of the family and we all look out for each other.”

What are some of the opportunities you offer to current students?

Eric: “We are currently recruiting interns who are interested in educating today’s youth in all aspects of digital media. SpecGraphixEDU, which is our brand focused on elementary school education, is looking for talented individuals who are passionate about sharing their wisdom in video production, coding, and graphic design with elementary school children who don’t have access to the quality digital media classes we offer. 11% of all children are right brain creative thinkers who are neglected by the current public school systems who need access to art and digital media classes to grow. If you want to help a child realize their potential and change their life, you’ve come to the right place.”

What are some of the skills you look for in potential applicants?

Eric: “Specific skills we look for in these teaching internships include the following…

  • Prior experience as a camp counselor, babysitter, teaching assistant, taking care of siblings, or any other related experience working with young children.
  • A deep understanding of the material taught in our classes. (Video production, graphic design, Minecraft, coding, or photography.)
  • Prior experience with public speaking or confidence that you can speak in front of large crowds and relay a message in a clear and simplistic fashion.
  • No criminal history. (There will be a mandatory background check.)
  • A mature and responsible attitude in the workplace.
  • The ability to monitor and control one’s behavior in front of the students. (No cursing, keeping conversations age appropriate, etc…)
  • Not required but a huge plus is fluency speaking Chinese (Mandarin) or Japanese.”

How has COVID-19 impacted your work?

Eric: “During COVID-19 we have had a focus on offering online classes through our platform. There are no current plans to hire interns to teach these online classes but we’re open to adding teachers if we see exceptional talent. We are primarily recruiting interns to assist with our in-person classes at the schools. 

Due to COVID-19, these classes won’t begin until January and plans may change depending on the current situation. No matter when school starts up again, students who are recruited will have their positions reserved for them.”

What are some of the ways an intern can stand out during the recruiting process?

Eric: “The students who often stand out are:

  • Students with artistically designed resumes (not just black and white text) 
  • Students who provide an impressive portfolio of their work.
  • Students who demonstrate a kind and selfless heart with a will to help others in need.
  • Students who demonstrate open mindedness and the drive to contribute new ideas and feedback to the team. Open to learning new things.
  • Students who have a unique take on art and digital media. (out of the box ideas.)
  • Students who follow/like all of our social media pages before they apply for the position.
  • Students who seem fun, laidback, respectful, disciplined, and open to exciting adventures with the BNSBC team.”

How can students get connected with your opportunities?

Eric: “Students can apply for all positions on our website. Just click the “Careers” button at the top of the page and fill out the contact form. Our website is”

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