Greetings Emerson Alumni for another Tuesday Tips!

For job seekers out there and folks looking to stay informed, we’ve got a few suggestions for you this week. As your career planning takes shape,  remember the resources we have available for you. At the ECDC in recent months we’ve been connecting with fellow alumni and employers to keep you up to date on career topics.

There is always something around the corner to take advantage of this Summer. This week, here are five things you can do. Get these on your to do list!

1. Join Job Hot Lists & the Jobs for Emerson College Alumni on Facebook

Subscribe the our city-based jobs lists using links below:

And join our Jobs for Emerson College Alumni Group for weekly updates on the latest jobs in your industry! Check out the Group to learn more.

2. Learn About Our Alumni Support

Still unsure about how the career center supports with alumni? Look no further: Check out our Overview on CareerBuzz.

3. Explore Alumni Resources

Check out the Alumni Resource Library!

4. Creatives: Join Wrangle!

Learn more about this invite-only career platform founded by an Emerson alumna in our recent write-up on Wrangle!

5. Watch these Previous Panels…