It’s not just back to school for students.

It’s not uncommon: often there’s a point in someone’s career where they’re thinking about making a change, but with that moment comes a flood of questions and thoughts:

  • What does my resume look like though?
  • I should probably start networking again.
  • When was the last time I had a job interview?
  • Do I even have the necessary skills to make a change?
  • I’m so out of the loop, where do I even start?

On CareerBuzz, we have for you the alumni resource library. We’re aware that with all of the steps you need to take, it’s important to be anchored with solid resources and helpful advice. Below are some areas we focus on, so that you, the Emersonian, can think about what you need. Check these out:

Resume Guide

Review the important tips for both the relevant content, and format.

Job Search Strategy

Look at the steps you need to take such as goal setting (first and foremost!), industry research and expanding your network.

Contacting Alumni

Learn how to use sites like Emerge and LinkedIn to connect with Emerson alumni.

Interviewing Guide

Review beginner and advanced advice on frequently asked questions, and how to prepare for your interview.

DEI Guide

Research the post grad opportunities and industry organizations that advocate for representation and amplify the work of historically underrepresented groups.

Professional Associations Guide

Used by both our graduate students and alumni, use this guide to stay plugged into your industry to know about events, conferences and job opportunities.

For your career, remain a lifelong learner and use your resources that you have for life.