Looking for a way to prepare for the Virtual Career & Internship Fair on September 16th? We’ve got you covered.

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Before the Fair

Consider this your pre-flight checklist before the big day. Before we get into fair-specific preparations, let’s check if you have the following…

  • An Updated Resume & Cover Letter: These documents are incredibly helpful to have ready, especially if you’re looking to apply to a position before, during, or after the fair itself. Submit your resume and/or cover letter for an online review to best prepare. Check out our Resume Guide for helpful resume writing tips.
  • An Updated Handshake Profile: Fair Employers will be using Handshake for all of their recruiting (including their Group and 1 on 1 Sessions). It’s important to make sure your Handshake profile is up-to-date, in case any employer checks it out. Complete your profile using these tips from Handshake.
  • A Plan for the Fair: Having a plan is the most important step to take before the big day. You can see our list of attending employers before the 16th and can also register for sessions ahead of time. Visiting employer profiles on Handshake is a great way to research companies and determine who you’ll be visiting during the fair. Your plan should at least include which sessions you’ll attend, but can also include roles you intend to apply (or have already applied) to.

As a general prep tip, we also encourage you to explore our Resource Library for additional tips on professional communication, interview tips, and ways to network in person or via LinkedIn or email.

During the Fair

Employers will be hosting Group and 1 on 1 Video Sessions during the Fair. These sessions will be your chance to directly connect with an employer and their recruiting team.

Group Sessions (30 minutes each) will be run similar to an employer info session. They’re a great way to learn more about a company in general and what a potential career there might look like. We recommend taking plenty of notes during these sessions. If the employer opens the floor to questions and answers, try to follow up on a point they’ve raised or ask questions specific to their company. Doing company research beforehand will go a long way.

1 on 1 Sessions (10 minute each) will be run as either informational interviews, mock interviews, or professional interviews. You can assume that the majority of these will be informational in nature, unless you have applied for one of the employer’s open roles or if a recruiter has contact you ahead of time. Treat these sessions as a chance to share your elevator pitch but remember: This is your chance to make a lasting and valuable connection. (Which, in turn, could lead to a job or internship.)

To avoid feeling lost, we recommend using our “Before the Fair” tips to form a plan of who you’ll visit on the big day. If you’re left without a plan or strapped for time, you can always see the fair schedule to join any remaining or open sessions.

Handshake has additional tips for how you can stand out during the fair itself. They also offer Video Recommendations & Troubleshooting tips to make sure you’re set to go from a tech standpoint.

After the Fair

Did you send a ‘Thank You’ note to employers you connected with? Have you applied for one of our attending employers’ internships or jobs? These are just a few questions to ask after any career fair.

Make the most of your post-fair plan by…

  • Following Up with Recruiters: Send a thank you to those you met with. This can go a long way in terms of showing you care about the company or the roles it’s hiring for. Likewise, consider reaching out to recruiters through LinkedIn to make a connection. Add a note to your connection request for the best results.
  • Applying to Internships/Jobs: Get your application out there, if you haven’t already. Our employers posted a number of open roles to Handshake before the fair, while a few others plan to open applications in weeks to follow. Make a list of roles you’re passionate about and start applying! Consider sending a note to the recruiter you spoke with to put your application on their radar.

Whether you’re preparing before or after the fair, we also recommend connecting with our office through a virtual appointment to make the most of your experience.

Our staff is here to help you with any part of your career development, including this fair experience. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment or contact us at careers@emerson.edu

… Looking Forward

We also have a number of employer events coming up this semester. Consider following the fair up with one of these sessions:

The Washington Post Summer Internship Info Session, 9/15, @3:00pm EDT

Manhattan Comedy School Presents: Comedy as a Career Skill, 9/22, @2:00pm EDT

Virtual Career Café with U.S. Commercial Service, 9/24, @2:00pm EDT

Virtual Career Café with NESN, 10/13, @2:00pm EDT

Circle Logo for Horizon Media Group

Virtual Career Café with Horizon Media, 10/8, @2:00pm EDT

An outline of the letter "H", representing Hachette.

Virtual Career Café with Hachette Book Group, 10/22, @2:00pm EDT

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