Over the course of the last year, many of our #emterns have the opportunity to work at amazing places all across the country. We sat down with two of our #emterns to discuss what it was like to intern at Future House Publishing, a publishing house that focuses on adult science fiction and fantasy, as well as middle grade adventure, and Antiques Roadshow, a television program through GBH.

Photograph of Aliya Biren.
Aliya Biren, Class of 2022

Aliya Biren (2022) was the Marketing Intern for Future House Publishing. She is a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major with a focus in Publishing.

Photograph of Micaela Tringale.
Micaela Tringale, Class of 2021

Micaela Tringale (2021) is the Antiques Roadshow Summer/Fall Intern at GBH. She is a Business of Creative Enterprises (film focus) major with a minor in Nonprofit Communications Management.

How did you find out about this opportunity and what drew you to it?

Micaela: “In the spring I was starting to think about summer internships. My mom suggested that I look into WGBH, so I did. I love antiques, history, culture, and Antiques Roadshow so I made sure to apply to the listing.”

Aliya: “I knew I was going to be staying in Utah for the summer and I knew I needed an internship for the master’s program. And so I decided to just look up publishing houses in northern Utah where I was going to be staying.”

What were some of your responsibilities during your internship?

Micaela: “My responsibilities include logging footage, working with the show’s database, attending meetings and screenings, uploading YouTube videos, and anything else the producing or digital team needs help with.”

Aliya: “So I ran, I think, around 10, social media accounts. They were Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and I ran the founder’s Facebook account. I did his social media press. I also did their Future House Publishing mainstream book. I dabbled a little bit in their romance section as well for social media and their younger press, as well.”

What were you most proud of that you accomplished during this internship?

Micaela: “I’m proud that I was invited to be a paid intern for the fall. So I’m still interning with them now!”

Aliya: “I basically became the entire marketing team. They started phasing out my superior, like three weeks into the internship, and I was not made aware of it.Ao I became the sole marketing team. I was doing my best to come up with good content tracking, all of the release dates, all of the promotion dates…”

So what advice do you have for people interested in this internship or similar opportunities to yours?

Micaela: “Utilize the Career Center. It’s literally free help. I got help with my cover letter which was definitely what set me apart from other applicants.”

Aliya: “Be flexible. Be flexible with what they give you because I had no intention of being in their marketing team and they’re like, “Hey, you’re gonna do this. Here’s some minimal training, figure it out.” And it was really satisfying, regardless of how stressful it was. So be flexible and be adaptive.”

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