Progressive Pipeline is building the next generation of progressive leaders through paid fellowship opportunities. With over 100 student placements already, the organization hopes to establish a strong pipeline between politically-interested students and careers on progressive campaigns.

We recently spoke with Michael Michaelson, Executive Director at Progressive Pipeline, to learn more about the company’s organizing fellowships and how current students can get involved.

Michael describes Progressive Pipeline as a nonprofit committed to launching careers in politics. The organization specifically supports students by creating a pipeline to paid, 10-week organizing fellowships on political campaigns. Progressive Pipeline also offers training and career development for students to help grow their career in the field.

The organization is strongly committed to making politics more open and accessible to folks. One of its goals is to demystify the work as much as possible by providing hands-on experiences and training.

This commitment is illustrated in Progressive Pipeline’s application, which has been streamlined to be accessible and straightforward for as many applicants as possible. More than anything, Progressive Pipeline hopes to create a strong community of folks who are invested and interested in progressive work.

Michael shared that, in terms of the work Progressive Pipeline does, fellowships are everything. The organization hopes to maximize its reach by involving as many students as possible, offering them the training and support to succeed during paid, Summer fellowship opportunities.

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