Looking for job seeking advice during this time? Revisit the latest events and webinars from the Career Development Center to hear from staff, the recruiters they work with, and Emerson alumni:

Virtual Internship Fair: Resume & Professional Communication Workshop

Resume & Professional Communication Workshop, Hosted on February 25, 2021

Event Description: Are you planning to attend one of our upcoming Virtual Internship Fairs? If so, this session is for you! We will walk you through putting together a professional resume, as well as tips for communicating professionally with employers during the virtual fair.

Virtual Internship Fair Prep for International Students

Virtual Internship Fair Prep for International Students, Hosted on February 25, 2021

Event Description: International Students! Get some tips on connecting with employers at the upcoming Virtual Internship Fair, and beyond! At this event, you will also learn about this year’s virtual fair format and recommended ways to interact with employers during the fair and how to follow up afterwards.

How to Connect with Virtual Fair Employers

How to Connect with Virtual Fair Employers, Hosted on February 23, 2021

Event Description: Prepare for Emerson College’s upcoming Virtual Internship Fairs with this in-depth session from the Career Development Center. Anders Croft and Brendan Peltier will review the many ways students can connect with employers before, during, and after the fair, including a step-by-step walkthrough of how virtual meetings will work during the event itself. Attendees will also hear about best practices when networking as well as what a job or internship winning connection looks like.

CLLCTVE x Emerson College

CLLCTVE x Emerson College, Hosted on February 16, 2021

Event Description: The event will be hosted by CLLCTVE CEO/Founder and Forbes 30U30 Recipient, Kelsey Davis, with CLLCTVE Head of Community and Creative & Film Director, Joe Gonzales. The two will introduce CLLCTVE University: The Ultimate Creator Accelerator, and then host a portfolio-building workshop with attendees. CLLCTVE offers the students the ability to create and share their digital portfolios in under 15 minutes. Kelsey, who has worked with brands like Coca Cola, Conde Nast and Puma, and Joe, who directs music videos for artists such as Tori Kelly and brands like Google, will walk attendees through the steps of creating a digital portfolio, showcasing what makes an impressive portfolio that captures the attention of brands.

Exploring Emerge, Emerson’s Alumni Network

Exploring Emerge, Emerson’s Alumni Network, Hosted on January 29, 2021

Event Description: You’re invited to join Emerson College’s Alumni Relations Office and Career Development Center for this in-depth look at Emerge, a new online community where Emersonians can connect with each other to have career conversations, discover industry opportunities, and more! This event will also cover the value of Informational Interviewing and will review Emerge’s Connection Success Pathway, a step-by-step guide to connecting with alumni.

How to Find Jobs & Internships

How to Find Jobs & Internships Workshop, Hosted on January 19, 2021

Event Description: Jobs and internships are still out there! Join Anders Croft and Emi Bague from the Career Development Center’s Marketing in this workshop focused on finding and applying to opportunities. This event will cover the resources available to Emerson College career seekers, including college-affiliated sites, international student support, and more!

New York Post Summer Internship Info Session

New York Post Info Session, Hosted on January 12, 2021

Event Description: Discover a wide range of exciting Summer Internship opportunities with the New York Post and its affiliates, PageSix.com and Decider.com. This info session will cover everything you need to know from applying to interviewing, including a look at the Post’s many internship roles which include: Entertainment Journalism, Sports Journalism, Video Editing, Video Screenwriting, and much more!

Virtual Career Café with WarnerMedia

Virtual Career Café with WarnerMedia, Hosted on November 5, 2020

Event Description: Meet the name behind CNN, HBO, Warner Bros. and more in this upcoming event from WarnerMedia’s recruiting team. Attendees will learn what internships look like across the company’s many brands and networks while exploring ways to stand out as a future applicant. This session is open to both current students and recent graduates. Please note: While the majority of this session will cover internships, questions about entry-level opportunities are also welcome.

How to Find Jobs & Internships Workshop

How to Find Jobs & Internships Workshop, Hosted on November 2, 2020

Event Description: Join the Career Development Center’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Anders Croft, in this career-focused workshop about discovering job and internship opportunities. This event will cover the resources available to all Emerson College career seekers, including college-affiliated sites and more!

Virtual Career Café with Penguin Random House

Virtual Career Café with Penguin Random House, Hosted on October 28, 2020

Event Description: Discover what careers and internships look like with one of the biggest names in all of publishing. Attendees will hear from Penguin Random House recruiters as we cover a behind the scenes look at the company, including what its work culture looks like and how future applicants can best stand out.

Virtual Career Café with Hachette Book Group

Virtual Career Café with Hachette Book Group, Hosted on October 22, 2020

Hachette Book Group (HBG) is a massive publisher in the United States, better known as a member of the big-six in publishing (which includes the likes of Macmillan, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Scholastic, and Simon & Schuster). HBG is also a top employer of Emerson College alumni. Attendees will hear from Ashley Orlando, Human Resources Manager at Hachette, in this in-depth look at HBG’s career opportunities.

Identity at Work: Film & Television Panel

Identity at Work Panel, Hosted on October 21, 2020

Event Description: Explore the intersection between identity and work in Film & Television industries during this upcoming alumni panel. Attendees will hear from Emerson alumna Emily Abi-Kheirs ’15, Maddie Breeland ’12, and Paloma Valenzuela ’09 as they share experiences and insights from their professional experience.

Job Searching and Networking During COVID-19

Job Searching & Networking During COVID-19, Hosted on August 18, 2020

Event Description: Join us for a deep-dive into best practices for career seekers and established professionals during this time. This event will explore ways which Emerson College Alumni can position themselves to advance their professional goals during this time. Features Alumni guest speakers William Hickey ’01 and Angela Lifsey ’79.

Discussion is moderated by Jinny Van Deusen, Associate Director of Professional Development and Experiential Learning at Emerson College.

Meet the Brand Strategy Department @Arnold:

Careers in Brand Strategy Dept. @Arnold, Hosted on August 5, 2020

Event Description: Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Brand Strategy department at Arnold, one of the leaders in creative agency marketing. Attendees will be joined by Associate Director of Branding Strategy and Emerson alumna, Lanna Tokuhiro ’13, as well as Senior Brand Strategist, Kylee Donovan, in this in-depth exploration of what makes a brand tick and how Arnold both energizes and activates many household names.

Meet the Marketing Department @Arnold:

Meet the Marketing Dept. @Arnold, Hosted on August 4, 2020

Event Description: Join Marketing Manager, Crissy Cavallaro, for a look at the Marketing department within Arnold Worldwide, one of the leaders in creative agency marketing. This session will offer an inside look at the minds behind prolific ads from brands like Progressive, Santander Bank, and many others. Attendees will also hear from Crissy about what working in this area looks like as well as what Arnold looks for in potential applicants.

Careers in Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Careers in Digital Marketing During COVID-19, Hosted on June 30, 2020

Event Description: Join Emerson alum and The Creative Group recruiter, Evan Glasser ’15, in a conversation around the hiring landscape for digital marketing during COVID-19. Evan will offer insight on what the job market currently looks like in addition to the ways current career seekers can get connected and stand out during this time. Attendees will also have the chance to ask questions and learn more about the current shape of careers in digital marketing.

Salary Negotiation Webinar

Salary Negotiation Webinar, Hosted on May 25, 2020

Event Description: Join Jessica Chance, the Career Development Center’s counselor for all current Graduate Students, in a discussion on Salary Negotiation and all it entails. This workshop will uncover the best tips on determining and advocating for your desired salary range both before and after an official offer has been made.

Graduating Into a Recession

Graduating Into a Recession, Hosted on May 15, 2020

Event Description: While this is the first global pandemic we’ve faced in our lifetimes, it’s certainly not the first recession. We’ve gathered alumni who graduated in the face of the last economic crisis and they’ll share their experiences as well as advice as the class of 2020 enters the work force.

Kristen Berke ’09, Executive Director, National Sales at Los Angeles Times
Alan Gwizdowski, Cinematographer
Evan Kaufman ’09, Producer, Writer, Director, Comedy Person at Malka Media
Gray Malin ’08, Founder & CEO of Gray Malin
Aviv Russ ‘09, Executive in Charge of Production
Heather Marie Vitale ’08, Cybersecurity Analyst at Peraton

Moderated by: Associate Professor Nejem Raheem

Job Searching During COVID-19

Job Searching During COVID-19, Hosted on May 13, 2020

Event Description: In light of COVID-19’s impact on the job market, the Career Development Center has organized a panel of employers to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities career seekers face. This panel aims to create conversation around the steps that current students and alumni can take during this time while allowing recruiters to provide their insight and expertise on what is most needed from applicants.

Panelists include:

• Beacon Hill Staffing: Nora Munson ‘14 (Senior Staffing Consultant) & Shannon Chapleau ‘09 (Senior Managing Consultant)
• Horizon Media: Tyler Crowe & Paul Ziter (Campus Recruiting Talent Acquisition Partners)
• CBS News: Muna Moushien, ‘14 (Manager of Professional Development)

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