The Boston Public Library (BPL) is a cornerstone of the city of Boston. Known as a hub for tourism and knowledge, the BPL welcomes its visitors to a beautiful interior as well as an incredible amount of knowledge from the information inside. Recently, the Boston Public Library’s newly launched BPL Fund hosted Alyssa Lara as an intern. We caught up with Alyssa to get the inside scoop on what it is like and what it takes to intern at the BPL Fund.

Photograph of Alyssa Lara.
Alyssa Lara, Class of 2022

Alyssa Lara is a Media Arts Production major at Emerson College in the class of 2022.

How did you find out about this opportunity and what drew you to it?

Alyssa: “I found this internship while I was browsing through Linkedin over the summer. I was drawn to it because I recognized the Boston Public Library as a public institution that offered a lot of great opportunities for the community, therefore I wanted to learn more about it behind the scenes because  I have always been really interested in working in non-profit.”

 What were some of your responsibilities during your internship?

Alyssa: “Some of the responsibilities at my internship include working closely with my supervisor, the Communications Officer, to carry out projects that will ensure good communication between the Fund, the Library, and the public. Every week, we have a Team Meeting on Fridays, in which I am able to listen in on what is going on with the different departments of the Fund, and learn more about what working in a non-profit organization is like.”

What are you most proud of that you accomplished during this internship?

Alyssa: “While I am very proud of the projects that I have done for the Fund, I have learned a lot about how to navigate a work life that is completely online. I’ve been learning a lot about what it is like to work on my own and how to manage my time without someone directly looking over my shoulder.”

What advice do you have for people interested in this internship or similar opportunities?

Alyssa: “Don’t be afraid to apply to job postings you see online! I’m surprised to have seen this opportunity through LinkedIn, but I thought it was a good fit because it aligned with my career goals.”

Who is your supervisor and how has working with them been?

Alyssa: “The supervisor that I work directly under is Paula Dixon, who is the Communications Officer. Every week, we have a video check-in on Microsoft Teams where we update each other on the progress of our projects, and any new upcoming ones. Both Paula and I are new to the team therefore it has been a comfort to find the groundwork with her as we work more with each other.”

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