Last semester we published a blog featuring multiple resources on Starting Your Internship Search. While some of the content in this article may touch on those resources, this information will pertain specifically to Spring Internships and how you can both prepare to apply or interview.

It’s Spring Internship Season… Now What?

“Spring Internship Season” refers to the time of year when a majority of Spring internships have been posted. It’s the sweet spot after roles have been posted and before application deadlines start coming up. If you’re interested in pursuing an opportunity next semester, now is the time to take your first step.

But let’s simplify what a “first step” looks like. There are three main components to any successful internship search…

  • Research: This is when you’ll make a list of internships you’re interested in applying to. It’s also when you’ll do some research about companies you’re interested in, including what the company specializes in or what kind of values they represent. Handshake, Google, and LinkedIn offer great starting points.
  • Apply: This is when you’ll actually hit ‘send’ on your application. A successful application should include a Resume and Cover Letter (which you can submit for feedback online). There are many other ways to stand out in an application, but it will honestly depend on the specific role you’re applying to. For the best results, meet with our office ahead of submitting your application.
  • Interview: This is the big one. It’s when you’ll have a chance to share your passion and interest in the internship you’ve applied to. Think of this as an opportunity to share pieces of your Research which resonated with you. Ask yourself: Why did I apply to this internship? Your answer to that question will make all the difference during an interview. Consider connecting with our office for some Interview Prep ahead of the big day.

The success of your search will rely on how much time you’ve committed to each of these steps. For example, your Research will inform your decision to Apply and will ultimately come back up again when you get the chance to Interview. The more you can research, the more info you’ll have to pull from during your interview.

These steps are not mutually exclusive as well. You can continue to research a company and its internships while applying to something else entirely, for instance. The most important thing is to treat each opportunity as the one. The less passion you have for an internship, the less impactful your application or interview. will be.

When Do I Start?

The short answer? Right now. December is a huge month for submitting applications. Over the next few weeks, more opportunities will be reaching their application deadlines. It’s important to track down the roles you’re interested in so you can start applying right away.

But remember: A strong application comes from strong research. It’s easy to go into an application frenzy with this information, but you’ll find the best results by being intentional about the roles you apply to. You need to be able to strongly answer the question of “Why did I apply to this internship?” beyond your desire for more professional experience. Think about these questions as you’re applying…

  • Why am I drawn to this company?
  • What skills do I want to grow or develop in this role?
  • What am I already bringing to the table in terms of experience?

Your answers to these questions will inform how you write a strong cover letter as well as how you prepare for an interview.

Am I Qualified?

Absolutely. If you’re worried about qualifications, I would encourage you to review your eligibility for the internship you’re applying to. So long as you meet their criteria for Class Year, Credits, GPA, etc., you should consider yourself qualified.

You may feel that you lack experience or that you might not stack up to other applicants’ selling points. As a student at Emerson College, you’re gaining invaluable experience — you just need to cultivate that in your application and during your interview.

Everyone starts somewhere. I promise you that employers are sensitive to this when working with internship applicants. The most important thing you can display is your passion for the internship you’re applying to, as well as your knowledge of the company you’d like to become a part of.

Experience branches beyond bullet points on your resume. It’s what you’re building in the classroom and life in general. You can always cultivate your own experience by completing classwork, pursuing personal projects, or conducting research about a company or career. Our office can help you identify the experience you already have.

Additional Internship Resources

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