Hello Graduate Emersonians!

Now that we’re well into the spring semester, I’m sure you’re navigating heavy workloads, but also thinking about what you need in order to reach the next steps from academic, to professional goals. During career counseling meetings, these needs range from understanding how to prepare for virtual interviews, negotiating compensation for job offers, to using platforms like Emerge to network with alumni. 

You might also be hearing about PDGs

Provided through the Graduate Studies Office, PDGs are a great way to financially support your professional development. Take advantage of them! Below is information on the many ways you can use a PDG during your time at Emerson.

What is a PDG?

PDG stands for Professional Development Grant. There is a lot out there that can support your career goals. When you think of professional development, consider opportunities that allow you to take what you’ve learned at Emerson, and expand your thinking about the future of your work, the skills you need to stay sharp, and being plugged into what your field demands, now and in the future. 

What are some ways I can use a PDG?

Some examples include:

  • Industry Workshops
  • Conferences and Summits
  • Webinars
  • Professional Memberships
  • Industry Panels and Talks

Who do I speak with about this? 

Contact the graduate student association at gsainfo@emerson.edu

As you go from career decision-making to career planning, professional development is more than just having a great resume. Consider PDGs as one of the many ways to help you stay informed about your industry and be job ready.

For more information, head to the Grant Opportunities Page

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