First Gen & Low Income Students Program

Emerson College is proud and excited to welcome students who will be the first in their family to graduate from college! During your journey, the Office of Student Success is available as a resource for you and your family. Whether you are an undergraduate, transfer or graduate student, we aim to support your pursuit of educational and career goals!

Throughout the academic year, we offer workshops, social gatherings and mentoring opportunities. We also come together to celebrate National First Generation College Student Day and so much more!

First Gen EM Organization

The purpose of First Gen E-M is to create a social and resourceful organization for First Generation, First Generation American, and low-income students on Emerson College’s campus. The overall goal is to provide more resources to students who fall in these categories in order to help make their time at Emerson easier from if they are seeking help for certain areas in the college (Financial, academics, etc.) or even just looking for peers or friends on campus.

Office of Student Success

Students may encounter obstacles or difficulties associated with college life—academic, financial, personal, interpersonal, or wellness—or simply seek greater connection and support. Emerson has fantastic resources designed to address the holistic needs of students. The Office of Student Success helps students to explore their options, navigate campus systems, and connect to services, supports, and each other. And sometimes, we just listen.

First Gen Emerge Community

For students, managing academics, social life, and planning for the future are part of the everyday experiences of a college student, but navigating these challenges on your own or without financial resources makes it even more difficult. For alumni, the story doesn’t end with receiving your degree, though it is a major cause for celebration! Congratulations! Coordinating post-grad plans, navigating the job market, and taking your first career steps become the next hurdles. First-Gen alumni can offer indispensable insight and mentoring for fellow alumni at any stage of their career – as well as professional opportunities.

Welcome to the Emerson First-Gen Community – here, students and alumni have unique Emerson journeys, but share a common identity. We are here to foster connection, offer support, and help one another thrive.