Welcome to the Career Development Center! Our office is here to support you as an Emerson international student who wishes to develop professional skills and to pursue career development opportunities in the U.S.

Career Readiness and Career Success

In colleges and universities in the United States, career professionals educate students about how to use their degrees through:

  1. Career Exploration
  2. Networking skills
  3. Interviewing skills
  4. Experiential Learning: Internships
  5. Post-graduation planning

Where to Begin

At the Career Development Center, we have a great team of staff that partners with faculty, alumni, and employers to support your professional development. To better understand the process, below are steps to take throughout your time at Emerson.

Meet with Emi Bague, Assistant Director of International Student Career Services to:
• Learn about our services at the Career Development Center and how
our office can support your career goals
• Review the Career Center’s online Career Course for International Students
• Learn about U.S. work culture and build communication skills with
Emerson alumni and employers
• Review general CPT/Internship or OPT/job information

Meet with your Career Counselors who provide industry-specific expertise and guidance:
• Jessica Chance specializing in Performing Arts majors & Graduate Students
• Marissa Shallcross specializing in Visual & Media Arts and Comedic Arts majors

Meet Our Campus Partner: The Office of International Student Affairs

OISA serves all Emerson International Students in the areas of maintaining your F-1 visa status, SEVIS record, related immigration documentation, CPT/OPT authorization, and keeping you updated on current U.S. policies that pertain to you as an international student.