4 & 8 Credit Internship Deadlines

All deadlines are subject to add/withdrawal deadlines.

Fall 2021
August 31, 2021

Spring 2022
January 10, 2022

Summer 2022*
May 9, 2022

1-Credit PDE Internship Deadlines

All deadlines are subject to add/withdrawal deadlines.

Fall 2021
November 24, 2021

Spring 2022
April 9, 2022

Summer 2022*
August 5, 2022

* Please note that there is only one Summer semester for all internship experiences.

Notice: If you are an international student, please check with the Office of International Student Affairs to confirm that you qualify for CPT work authorization before pursuing an internship experience. F-1 status requires that you complete two semesters of lawful U.S.-based study before you can qualify for CPT. Time spent in remote study outside of the U.S. (for example, attending Emerson remotely due to the pandemic), may not count towards the one full year of U.S.-based study. 

How to Gain Valuable Work Experience with your F-1 Student Visa

Internships are the perfect way to apply academic concepts learned from your major to a professional setting and gain academic credit at the same time. For international students, participation in an internship (paid or unpaid) requires going through the proper steps to ensure compliance with your visa status.

Internships are considered “work experience” in the United States, so international students must receive academic credit for their internship as the way to formalize work experience as part of an academic program. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) work authorization certifies that an internship is part of coursework within your major and must be obtained prior to the first day at work. CPT Authorization is provided by the Office of International Student Affairs when an international student submits an internship experience proposal to the Career Center and receives full approval. Please note that students may not receive academic credit for any internship experience completed without prior approval.

Here are step-by-step instructions for obtaining CPT authorization for your internship:

  1. Secure an internship. Use Handshake to search or find one on your own.
  2. Register for the 499 or 690 internship course within your major (see credit options below). PDEs do not require initial registration. A registration code will be emailed to you when your proposal is in the approval stage. (View Class Terms & Requirements)
  3. Submit an Experience Proposal through Handshake. Once submitted, please attach an official offer letter from your internship supervisor to your proposal (View Offer Letter Requirements). When complete, your proposal will be reviewed (3-5 business days).
  4. Await approval of your proposal by (1) your internship site supervisor, (2) the faculty member teaching the internship course, and (3) the Office of International Student Affairs (OISA). Note: OISA provides CPT authorization upon their approval. You may not begin your first day without CPT authorization.

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