Diversity Best Practices

Seramount is a strategic professional services firm dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and Diversity Best Practices (DBP) is our all-in-one membership solution.

As an agile partner, Seramount translates our DE&I insights into efficient, practical and flexible solutions that empower organizations to create more inclusive, impactful, and innovative workplaces. Their site offers a number of articles and resources related to best practices in DEI.

Top 10 Best Diversity Practices

Diversity Officer Magazine provides a list of 10 Best Diversity Practices for organizations to follow. These practices cover inclusion-focused approaches to advocacy, human resources, and leadership.

Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

BCG and the Technical University of Munich conducted an empirical analysis to understand the relationship between diversity in management (defined as all levels of management, not just executive management) and innovation. Although the research is concentrated in a particular geographic region, BCG believes that its insights apply globally. Learn more about this report at the link below.

Craft the Perfect Diversity Statement for Your Organization

Your organization’s commitment to DEI initiatives is a vital part of your employer branding that starts early in the talent sourcing process. As you build this employer brand, creating a diversity statement will show that your company takes diversity seriously and has given it the proper consideration it deserves.

Creating a diversity statement involves considering the feelings of the many different stakeholders (both internal and external) of your organization. Poor diversity statements (or none at all) can be detrimental to your organization’s mission and even contradict your values.

Restructure Your Organization to Actually Advance Racial Justice

It is tempting to think that the broad recognition of inequity and resulting activism is enough to bring change to organizations. But meaningful and long-lasting action to create an anti-racist workplace requires strategic vision and intent.

Organizations that are truly committed to racial equity — not only in the world around them, but also within their own workforces — should do these three things outlined in the article linked below.