Greetings Emerson Fam!

Happy second day of summer! I hope folks are doing well, wherever you are. The Career Development Center is back this year for another round of #TuesdayTips

Now that we’re well in 2021, it’s clear that this year has been a transition year for folks. Our recent alum have celebrated achievements as graduates during a turbulent year, and many alum, regardless of graduation year, are considering future moves as the world reopens.

Emersonians know this: No career path is perfectly linear. Along the way, unexpected things happen (some welcome, some not so much) that leave folks wondering what their next step is going to be. This is where mindfulness and reflection can help get you there.

Earlier this year the professional development team of alumni presented “Pandemic Pivot” where this exact topic was addressed to help folks reset, and rebrand in order to make career changes. As the career center looks back on our work with students and alumni, below is some advice for those embarking on that Job Search.

  1. Think back to think forward. Every past job, project and even challenge adds to our toolkit of technical, relational skills and knowledge of self. Don’t abandon that in haste to find something new.
  1. As yourself: Who do I want to know and why? In the spring alumni panel “Who’s In Your (Career) Squad?” a wonderful panel of alumni broke down the many relationships we build for career.
  1. Ask good questions. This is the time to be specific and intentional to learn about a person’s career path when networking. Ask for examples of their work experiences, or info that’s on their Emerge or LinkedIn profile that elicit thoughtful answers.
  1. Remember Quality vs. Quantity of applications. You might be anxious, eager, even excited as this year was a catalyst for you. Channel that into well tailored job applications.
  2. Use the CareerBuzz Resource Library for alumni that has helpful guides to keep you on track! We also have a Resources for Recent Grads page for our December and May graduates.

Have a wonderful summer and talk to you again soon!