D5 DEI Self-Assessment

D5’s self-assessment is a tool for identifying areas of work that your foundation is already engaged in and opportunities for growth. Through this assessment, D5 invites you to:

  1. Capture your foundation’s current situation
  2. Spark conversations about DEI and what is possible
  3. Identify tangible action steps that will improve your foundation’s effectiveness and strengthen its relevance in our increasingly diverse society

Anti-Racism Collaborative

Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC) facilitates spaces that call forth the world we dream of, where dialog across difference reflects and roots the growth of participants and feeds the actions they take after our events are over.

ARC’s courses, workshops, and trainings are offered in affinity and multi-racial models that provide honest and constructive dialog along with authentic engagement across difference and the deeply meaningful and healing act of coming back together. The work ARC does confronting systemic racism and oppression is grounded in intersectionality and the belief that no oppression exists in isolation – and so ARC works against isolation in our learning community.