The following excerpt is from an article authored by fellow Emerson College international students, Jocelyn Yang ’22 and Tivara Tanudaja ’21, with quotes from recent grad, Jay Liu ’20:

“When Jay Liu graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Emerson College in December 2020, he hoped he would be working as a film editor soon. 

But months went by as he sat in his Boston apartment holding his resume, portfolio and work authorization documents, trying to piece together his American dream.

After spending three years in Boston, the Chinese international student planned to attend the Emerson Los Angeles program his senior year in spring 2020. He searched for an L.A. apartment and reached out to the Emerson alumni for networking opportunities. He was ready to move across the country to work at a post-production studio, doing a range of tasks cutting and assembling raw footage for films…”

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