Happy Holidays Emersonians!

The mad dash towards the end of the semester is upon us. Papers, exams, projects, oh my!

But you don’t have to stress about your career readiness. Here are 5 tips to stay Future Ready over the holiday break.

  1. Check out Emerge
    1. If you haven’t done so already, pop on over to Emerge! The website is the perfect place to see what kind of opportunities are out there for alumni of Emerson. Don’t be afraid to reach out to alumni and get to know more about your interests and field!
  2. Family Connections
    1. Being home for the holidays can provide a chance for you to find opportunities from your family members. Talk to that aunt or uncle and see what is out there!
  3. Review Resume and Cover Letter
    1. Without the pressures of classwork and a busy social life, you can use this time to focus on creating that perfect resume and cover letter. Need some help? Check out our Resources page to give you the jumpstart.
  4. Research potential internships
    1. Companies and organizations are gearing up for summer interns. Browse the web and find places that you may be interested in. It’s your chance to know more about what kinds of internships are offered.
  5. Relax!
    1. Most of all, enjoy your break! A break can be the best possible thing to do for your future self. Have fun, eat lots of good food, and enjoy being with your loved ones.

Enjoy your holidays Emersonians! The Career Development Center will be eagerly awaiting your return come January 2022.