We recently had the pleasure of speaking with current Emerson senior, Molin Liu, to learn more about his awesome internship with Warner Bros. this Spring. Check out our full interview in the video below:


How did you find your internship?

Molin found his internship on Handshake but he also recommends searching for internships on other platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and through company websites.

How long is your internship?

Molin’s internship is almost 3 months long, starting January 26 and ending on April 15.

Where is your internship taking place?

Molin’s internship is hybrid. Some days he works virtually and some days he works in person at Warner Bros’ facility in Los Angeles.

What is your daily routine like?

Molin is in charge of a lot of important paperwork such as queue sheets, dailies, the delivery report, final credits, and schedules. Organizing important documents is essential to his internship to make the whole post-production process as smooth as possible!

What’s your favorite part of your internship?

Molin is excited to get a chance to visit the Warner Bros studio and attend some in-person sessions!

What are some essential skills someone in your field should have?

Being organized and time-oriented is something Molin believes is crucial to having success in an internship like this. Also to not be afraid to ask questions!

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