“Being the main character simply means being the hero of your own story.”

-Adele Lim, Class of 96

Adele Lim at Emerson’s 2022 Commencement Ceremony

Hello Emersonians!

On May 12th, 2022, one of our fellow Emersonians, Adele Lim shared this piece of advice as this year’s commencement speaker. While it speaks volumes to the 2022 graduating class, her words can resonate with any Emersonian, regardless of graduation year.

In that spirit, is the return of Tip Tuesday, where we’re gathering and curating relevant and timely career advice for alumni throughout the summer. We’re all lifelong learners, so keep your resources fresh and handy!

To kick things off, we’re recommending a range of books, articles, podcasts, etc., that will help with all things career. The job search looks different than it did three years ago. People are shifting into new roles, making major career pivots, and making meaning in ways that they didn’t before the pandemic. Many folks are eager to leverage networks in a world of AI and ATS. Others are realizing that plan C for a job search might be better than plan A or B. Negotiating salary might be on folks’ minds, and the added stress it brings, especially for those from historically marginalized groups. As our mental health has been tested regularly due to national and global issues, for many, finding and nurturing a community of advocates, allies and sponsors is paramount. As we get students “Future Ready” for the world of work, what does being Future Ready mean to you?

See below for our list of recommended resources. These are just a few of many resources out there. The ECDC team continues to stumble on and look for timely, relevant pieces for our community, so stay tuned for more, and never forget about sites like Emerge and CareerBuzz, your Emerson career resources.

Until then, watch another incredible commencement speech from Emerson alumni, Jae Williams.

“From film sets to advertising campaigns, from boardroom brainstorming sessions to group projects with classmates, the we helped me get here. I challenge you all to put this notion of “I” on the shelf, for a moment.”

-Dr. Jae Williams 

From the Northeastern 2022 Commencement on Dr. Jae’s Office Hours

Be well, and onward to career success.

Jessica Chance, ‘00

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  • Launching While Female by Emerson Faculty and Member of the Employer and Faculty Advisory Council (EFAC), Susanne Althoff