Greetings Lions! 

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday. With one more month of summer left, we’re sure there’s a variety of activities, that one last vacation, and back-to-school planning in the air for you. 

Speaking of back to school…

At the career center, we look at alumni as lifelong learners. A great way to look at your career, and professional growth is to remember that you’re a student for life. 

To recap our last two topics, remember the importance of building your career library. As students, utilize the wealth of career advice in and outside of the Emerson community to stay informed about the workforce, and what employers are looking for. As a student, remember that you bring your strengths with you to every experience. If you’re going into your next job hunt thinking about what you don’t have, you’ll drain all of the energy out of your search. We essentially come into the world with a set of natural strengths. Knowing them and maximizing them to your advantage is a great way to find meaningful work.

August Tip:  Successfully Communicate You

How you walk into a room. Your posture. What you’re wearing. The tone of your voice. Your zoom background. 🙂 All of its communication.

All of these things and more communicate to the world who you are. This isn’t about being hyper-aware of everything you do, but to be mindful about how you communicate. If you can communicate about a product, service, initiative, etc., you can apply those same strategies to YOU. 

You’re communicating a lot about yourself in several ways:

  1. Through Your Introductions on Emerge: When you research an alumni profile and provide background about yourself and interests in an email introduction, you’re communicating thoughtfulness and intention about making a genuine connection
  1. Through Your Resume(s) When you have a well-formatted resume with strong action verbs, and prioritize relevant accomplishments, you’ve communicated a strong interest in, and awareness of the job you want. 
  1. Through Your Interviews: When you provide thorough examples about why a particular company should hire you for a particular job, you’re communicating your dedication and focus to the hiring manager. 
  1. Through your networking: An email to a contact doesn’t just have to be job or career-related, nor should they just be transactional. When you follow up with someone you met at an event or through Emerge, you’re communicating gratitude and the value you place in having relationships, and not just a list of contacts.

Now’s a great time to build and rebuild your network, and communicate your value!

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jessica Chance, “00