Julia Torres Barden (aka, Julie Hinden, 1982): Author, Journalist, Spokesperson & Advocate

In the 40 years since Julia graduated she’s been a company spokesperson in the cable television industry and an award-winning journalist. Most recently, Julia has penned her memoir as a survivor of childhood trauma and delivered a related TEDx Talk where she shares her lived experience with PTSD and the traumatic events that caused it. As a fierce advocate for her fellow survivors and, her brethren in Puerto Rico forced to live as 2nd class American citizens, she remains grateful for her degree from Emerson which she believes prepared her well to excel in all her endeavors.

Please google her name to watch her TEDx Talk or connect to her website. She’d love to hear from Emersonians via Instagram at @newyoricangirlauthor or, via email at newyoricangirl1@gmail.com