After graduating in December 2021, Liz started working at Deutsch, a NY-based advertising agency. She began her career as an Assistant Account Executive for 2 skincare brands. Quickly, Liz became a key player on her team, participating in important meetings and driving ideas for new campaigns. She also became the Gen Z Expert at her agency, providing teams with Gen Z insight.

Liz also planned a Ukrainian Heritage event at her agency, bringing in a Ukrainian filmmaker to discuss life in Ukraine and the process of making films during a time of war. After a few months at the agency, Liz transferred to the Strategy department and took on the new title of Associate Strategist, a job that requires at least 2 years of experience (she only had 8 months of agency experience). As a strategist, Liz had an article published in Muse by Clio, a well-known advertising publication, as well as the global newsletter for her company. She also assisted the CEO in an important project, building a strong relationship with her.

In less than one year at Deutsch, Liz has accomplished a significant amount and started to build a great career as a woman in advertising.

Copy Credit – Liz Lavender’s Anonymous Nominator