Your identity is a catalyst to how to develop your work, your projects, and your career! It’s what makes you, you!

Universal Design:

Universal Design is the design of an environment that is understood and accessible to the absolute greatest extent possible, regardless of the ability or disability. This is the fundamental of good design for usability, convenience, and benefit for all users. How can we utilize quality design in our Careers? There are two ways to move forward.

Universal Design within an organization and Universal Design as a career pathway!

Here at Emerson, our programs can revolutionize the way in which we approach Universal Design in our work, storytelling, media, or sustainability actions. We can also use this when we think about how we want to work and why we want to work for an organization.

When researching an employer you want to work for, some questions to consider are;

  • Is the actual building accessible and can you maneuver within it?
  • How does this organization promote communication to best support staff? What are their benefits and accommodations?
  • Are you able to access printed materials, virtual resources, and other materials?
  • What is the flow of events and activities?

Disclosing Your Disability Status:

Check out The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to learn more about the ADA and what your rights are! We encourage you to check the ADA to overview the information and qualifications and better assess how you identify. From there, you may ask what to do with this information and your employer. It is absolutely an option to disclose what information you want to your organization and employer. That is your comfort level and decision! 

If you want to talk about your identity this way, you can absolutely do so in your cover letter, during your interview, or after you start working with the organization. You can always request accommodations as well! That can be prior to the interview and throughout your employment.We are here to help in your career development, but understanding the ADA will also help you know what your rights are and what is acceptable from an employer. Student Accessibility Services can also help walk you through the ADA and what are some key things to know!

What You Bring:

There are so many opportunities out there, just waiting for you! While you are thinking about your career and life post-Emerson, you may ask yourself: “What do I want to do?” There are opportunities to work with organizations that work with, by, or for people with disabilities. That doesn’t mean you have to work in these industries, and it’s important to remember that your career pathway could change – and that is Okay!

What you bring to the table is important. Your unique skill set and understanding of your affinity and superpower are essential to storytelling and media making. The majors here at Emerson’s sole focus is the power of storytelling. 

So – how can we be sure what we are bringing to the table is going to be valued?

Informational interviews are integral to gathering intel about an organization, and what it looks like for you. We can help you find organizations or alumni to reach out to about specific experiences as well! Here are some things to consider when you develop your methodology in your career;

  • Research
    • What does the organization do? Are you looking for a job within diversity? Are you looking for a job within accessibility? Or are you looking for an organization whose focus is on IDEAS, but your role may be more about communications or production?
  • Interview Questions
    • Remember – when you are interviewing for a position, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you! Bring your professional materials and a notepad with some questions that you have about the position and the organization. 
  • Discussing Disability
    • You are not required to disclose your disability to your employer. If you think it is helpful – you can discuss accommodation practices and what that means to you. You are at liberty to volunteer your information! It is a great way to connect your skills and what assets you bring to the role you are interviewing for.