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Are you graduating? Stressing out about being in the real world and finding your first job?

Don’t panic! Career Services is here to help you find entry-level jobs & connect you with industry resources.

Download our Senior2Career Checklist and take a look at some of the helpful tools below to help you get started:


One of the most expansive and reliable resources we have available to students is LionHire. On Lionhire, you can find listings for post-graduate internships and jobs.

To begin your search for full-time jobs like to hire recent graduates:

  • Log into LionHire
  • Go to the job and internship search tab
  • Change the position type to Full-Time Entry Level

The results will show a mixture of jobs that you can click on to view the details of the position. If you are looking to narrow down the results to find a specific industry, type of job, or location, you can go to Advanced Search and type in any of the above criteria to guide your search.

Many positions posted on LionHire feature companies who have previously hired, or are looking to hire, Emerson Students specifically. In addition, most postings will allow you to apply directly through our website using a resume and cover letter that you have uploaded into the database. (Not sure how to upload your resume? Email us at for help)

Additionally, Juniors and Seniors can ask to have their uploaded resume included in our resume books that are made available to prospective employers. We highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity, call and make an appointment with your counselor to find out the specifics of our resume books program!


CareerBuzz, features a job and internship section similar to that on LionHire. Although you cannot apply for jobs on CareerBuzz, the companies highlighted on this website have recruiters that work specifically with our office looking to provide opportunities to Emerson students and alumni. On CareerBuzz you can explore these companies, watch promotional videos, and view positions which are currently available. Similar to Lionhire, you will also find the descriptions for the jobs/internships and some companies will even have links to their websites that you can check out.

Additionally, CareerBuzz allows you to set email notification preferences for specific industries and/or job types, so you’ll never miss out on an on-campus event, workshop or company site-visit for employers in your industry!

Job Search Websites

The internet is a vast and mysterious place, but it is also a great resource to find jobs you’re interested in! There are some great websites you can check out to find available job postings and opportunities that may not be listed on LionHire or CareerBuzz. You can check out websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and TheMuse, just to name a few. These sites are great for finding jobs in different cities and a variety of careers.

Depending on your major, and how specialized you want to get with the job you are searching for, there are more specific job search websites you can check out as well. (Fore example: a Media Production major may want to check out sites such as Variety Insight, Production Beast, or

For any of these websites, be sure to research the jobs posted before giving out your information and applying.

Emerson GOLD

Within one to three years of graduation from Emerson, Career Services suggests you join Emerson GOLD, or “Graduates of the Last Decade”. This group is part of the Emerson Alumni Association, and allows recent graduates to connect and network through various events. It’s great way to stay connected to your fellow Emerson alumni after graduating.

Another great resource is their a guide to life after graduation, which you can use to find helpful guides and tips on what to do following graduation.

Additional tips:

  • If you can’t find a job you are interested in right away through Emerson’s resources, keep checking the Lionhire and Careerbuzz databases – they are updated regularly as jobs are announced to Career Services
  • Network with alumni who are already in the industry or position you are interested
  • On Lionhire you can go to the Resource Library > Career Resource Guide > Job Search Resources to find handouts with useful tips and information about job searching
  • Apply to many jobs, including ones you may not be as interested in but are still willing to take on – the more you apply to, the greater your chances of being hired become
  • Using social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn are also great ways to connect with alumni and professionals in the fields you are interested in – use these resources to get your foot in the door

Written by: Kelsey Costa
Edited by: Molly Gindin & Courtney Mills


By Kelsey Costa
Kelsey Costa Peer Career Advisor (PCA) Kelsey Costa