Fall Internship Deadline: How to Prepare

This post isn’t entirely meant to knock you out of your Summer bliss but it does carry a certain reminder that we’re officially in the “dog days of Summer”. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone return for the Fall semester as students get more familiar with Handshake and as we share as many stories and resources as we can to keep you informed and engaged with the latest Career Services news and advice. For now, we just want to take a moment to remind you of one very important deadline coming up over the horizon:

What day is that exactly? It’s the deadline for Fall Academic Internships to go through and, in turn, the last day you can solidify your credit for the semester. There’s obviously still time to work on internships that are not for-credit after the deadline but this is a really important date for those Juniors or Seniors looking to combine their credit requirements with a bit of hands-on experience.

Knowing that internships can be a touchy subject and that we can all sometimes feel a little lost with how to approach the subject, let’s lay out 3 things you can do before the deadline:

Look for Internships

This one seems pretty obvious but it can be a pain finding the right opportunity for you. We recommend searching through our Featured Jobs & Internships section on Careerbuzz before heading to our larger database on Handshake – this will give you a sense of the major opportunities our office is promoting and will aggregate our awesome internships in one place.

Refine Your Search

Finding an Internship is a bit like searching for the right job: You need to know what the position asks for as well as what you bring to the table. Define your goals and interests up front and then see what’s out there already between Careerbuzz, Handshake, and a variety of other platforms. Cast a wide net early in your search but be wary of sending out identical materials like cover letters or resumes. Different employers might be looking for different aspects of your career. When in doubt, schedule a meeting with your career counselor.

Ask Questions

If you have a burning question to ask, feel free to send it our way. You can contact us at  careers@emerson.edu but it’s far better to engage with us on social media by following our Career Services Facebook Page and joining our Emerson College Internships group where we share the latest internship opportunities as well as answer questions students might have. Get engaged with our office as we continue to make ourselves more available throughout the last days of Summer and the upcoming days of Fall 2017! 😎 

By Anders Croft
Anders Croft Marketing Communications Specialist Anders Croft